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MINC (Motherhood Incorporated) is a single source solution to all the tasks you-can’t, don’t- want- to, wish- you- didn’t- have- to, don’t- know- how- to accomplish. Working closely with MINC, Imaginations Everything provides web site development to small businesses, in collaboration with MINC Read More

Carole Evans

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Imaginations Everything has developed several websites for this active Ottawa Real Estate agent. Collaborating with the Evans team since the inception of both their businesses. Carole Evans once offered her first born child to I/E so that we would work with her. Needless to say she kept the child, and a lovely bond was born! Read More

Southam Design

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The interior designer creates inner space that is functional while expressing the unique personality of an individual or corporation. The architecture of our interiors focus on sculptural quality as opposed to cosmetic decoration. A brilliant fusion of modern lines and classic elements… a unique space. Imaginations Everything wanted to capture the unique style of this client with their site as well as show off their award winning portfolio. Read More