The Lawn Squad offers Residential and Commercial Lawn-Care services in Bloomington area.  We provide free estimates affordable prices, and quality services.  We specialize in lawn care and we are very good at it!  Our job is to make things easy for you.  Get in contact with a Lawn Squad representative today! Call (812)719-4655 and let The Lawn Squad beautify your property.

Mowing Service

Our mowing service includes mowing, trimming and leaf blowing.  Our mowing will leave your lawn with a clean cut tailored to your liking.  Our mowers have several settings for length of cut and our lawn care professionals have years of expertise to guarantee your satisfaction.

Precision trimming around your trees, sidewalks and bushes will ensure that no grass is unaccounted for.  Our professionals have years of experience with residential and commercial trimming.  We take the extra time to make sure that each and every blade of grass on your property is accounted for.


After each job our professionals leaf blow your driveway, sidewalks, and patios, to clear any debris that don't belong.  Our powerful leaf blowers are built for the occasion.