Presentation of the WNLDO / OMDVN

World Natural Life Defense Organization

“For the survival of natural minorities oppressed by the artificial majorities;
for the survival of the vegetal, animal and human species,
due to a serious danger resulting from the disregard of nature and truth”.

The WNLDO / OMDVN strives to:

  • defend freedom, justice and protection
    towards vulnerable and original living beings
    -plants and animals;
    -ethnic minorities, biological or other human minorities
    against abuse, oppression and destruction imposed by “the law of the strongest because most numerous” of an artificial, illusory, materialistic, “confortabilistic” and “normalitaristic” global social system;

  • show that most human society’s problems come from a lack of respect for nature and truth
    -not only because of the destruction of the natural environment and animal life, or denaturation (artificialisation) of food for example;
    -but also because of the illusion, fiction, lie and alteration of the perception of natural reality, resulting in a “generalized social mental disorder” causing most of the social ills and suffering, and the denaturation / automation of the man himself;

  • promote cooperation between different organizations (governmental or non-governmental) related to these subjects, by improving awareness of the need to defend life and the natural values, in a general and holistic manner.

One of the peculiarities of the WNLDO / OMDVN is that it appeals to people “outside the majority social system” (like the autistics, or the original ethnic minorities) because they easily understand the absurdity and the dangerousness of the current human social system.

This situation is very serious for the human species, because the (materialistic and “confortabilistic”) principles of the current social system automatically tend to destroy these human minorities (as with the animals), and because if they disappear, it seems difficult or impossible to reduce the risk of generalized perdition of Mankind, in a destructive (material and mental) artificial confusion.

Such confusion (already sufficiently visible) should logically lead to the destruction of the human species, for having made the error of believing that it could be stronger than Nature, without understanding that

“The distortion of reality and truth leads logically and inevitably
to problems of an intensity proportional to this trickery.”