SDX combines a number of functions into a single command-line developer utility. Its most common use (example) is to create, browse, and unravel Starkits:

Not all functions in SDX are related to Starkits and Metakit. Nor are all functions generally useful in fact. Use sdx help and sdx help command for further info.

SDX is itself a Starkit, you can inspect it by doing sdx unwrap sdx and then looking at things like sdx.vfs/lib/app-sdx/sdx.tcl. SDX consists of Tcl scripts and is machine-independent: it runs on all platforms for which Tclkit is available.

SDX can be downloaded from the /pub/sk/ area on this server.

The "Failure Feedback Forum" on this website can be used to report bugs.

Embedded use

As of Jan 2005, you can use many functions in SDX from inside Tcl scripts:

    source sdx.kit
    package require sdx
    catch { console show }
    sdx::sdx qwrap myapp.tcl
    sdx::sdx lsk myapp.kit