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The Ultrasonic UBi Sensor
The small yet robust SmartBin UBi is the most reliable & widely deployed waste monitoring sensor in the world. A plug & play device that reports real time fill-level data to the SmartBin Live portal.

Features & Functionality

Operates completely wirelessly
Reports fill-level, temperature & geopositioning of containers
Measures all materials to a depth of 3m
Up to ten years battery life (changeable battery)
Robust weather proof & non-corrosive enclosure
Weighs just .25kg & easily mounted to any container type
Internal antenna & sim card reporting to cellular networks


Intelligent Monitoring by SmartBin
Powering smarter, more agile & cost-efficient collection operations with the latest sensor technology and route planning software. It's smart, it's simple......it's the future of waste & recycling collection.
Wireless SmartBin sensors monitor your container fill-levels using ultrasonic pulses

Real time measurements are sent to our web portal via cellular networks

On SmartBin Live, optimized collection routes are generated for your drivers
SmartBin Live  
The platform that brings the whole SmartBin solution together, SmartBin Live is the secure web portal that the UBi sensor reports to. Enabling optimal management of your container assets & bringing up to 50% savings in collection costs.
Just some of the SmartBin Live features
Optimized Collection Routes - Collection routes made up of only the containers that need to be serviced. Sent directly to your drivers who follow the routes on our app or on your existing fleet management system. Zero fuel waste, zero emergencies, reduced driving time, and happy clients & communities.
Performance Analysis - Smart analysis of your entire portfolios performance including collection history, value of collection and cost to collect. SmartBin Live also provides detailed analytics and alerts for each container including temperature, tilt and unscheduled changes in volume.
Operations Overview - A war room style overview of your entire collection operation, bringing greater visibility & performance driven reporting. SmartBin Live enhances your decision making ability while adding clarity & security.
SmartBin Mobile - Assign your optimized routes straight to your drivers and monitor their progress with the SmartBin Mobile app.
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