Critcl lets you easily embed C code in Tcl - it is an acronym for Compiled Runtime in Tcl. Critcl takes a snippet of C, wraps it up a bit, sends it to the compiler, and then dynamically links the code. Checksums are used to only recompile when needed, so the build overhead really applies only once.

Critcl has been packaged as a Starkit, as an easy way to use it. It contains extra logic written by Steve Landers to generate a compiled extension, ready to distribute as a Tcl package. And it pops up a little help system when launched with no args.

Criticl is MIT-licensed open source software, the command-line interface was contributed by Steve Landers.

Critcl and Critlib can be downloaded from the /pub/sk/ area on this server.

The "Failure Feedback Forum" on this website can be used to report bugs.