Cabin Check-in / Check-out
Our future guests look forward to checking in on time and thus we ask that you checkout by 10 am; if you need to check out later please check with the office. Our standard check in time is after 4 pm but if you want to start your vacation early please contact the office. There is a $50 rush fee to ensure your cabin will be available for you or the next visitor. Check-in 4:00pm / Check-out 10:00am                                       

Your cabin will be cleaned and prepared for your vacation enjoyment by our thoughtful staff.  Your first initial supplies will be there for your comfort and you may replenish through our resort village store 8am - 8pm. We will expect that you will leave the cabin in the matter you found it upon your arrival.  If not, then you will be charged for any additional cleaning (beyond the standard), replacement or repair fees that may apply.

We welcome your guests to enjoy all the benefits Waldheim offers but must maintain resort capacity by asking all guests and visitors to check in and out at our office. Day passes are available for $5 Adults, $3 Children (under age 18). Overnight cabin stays are $50 per person (over the 4 person rate per cabin). Visitors who do not check in can result in an automatic overnight fee.

Parking on site is for paying guests. Parking space by the lake is for cabin guests only: One Car Per Cabin Only, all others park in designated parking areas, please respect our policy as our Fire Marshall has regulated this rule. All other vehicles can park in the visitor parking area.

Quiet hours
Our guests comes to Waldheim to enjoy getting away and enjoying time with family and friends. It almost feels like there are no strangers here, just friends you haven't met yet and sometimes a late night campfire can bring new conversation. We ask that you please observe quiet(er) hours from 11 pm to 8 am so all guests can enjoy resting for their next day of excitement.

Any guest with a problem needs to immediately bring it to the management's attention for correction.  Security Deposit will apply to all stays. To those that wreak or damage our property you will be charged according to the replacement or repair of damages.  Please keep in mind that this is our home, and as much as we love to share with you, our guests, there is the action of respect in taking care of our property that we will expect of you, our guests.  Our Cabins are Non-Smoking Cabins.

We ask that you respectfully use your watercraft (boat, wet bike or jet ski) and to be aware of morning quiet hour. Use at boat landing area only. ALL state watercraft operating laws must be adhered to during you stay.

We have all species of fish here in our two lakes (see lake map) ALL state fishing regulations must be observed during your stay, check at office for state regulations booklets if needed. Be sure your fishing license is up to date along with any boat requirements.

Please help by using our recycling barrels, it is an environmental standard and we would like to participate here at Waldheim Resort.

ALL rubbish must be put in the containers provided, including recycling. NOT only will it help our environment, but it keeps the resort neat and tidy.

Protect our trees from bad bugs — Don’t move firewood. Thanks for doing your part to save Minnesota’s trees by leaving firewood at home. It’s the right thing to do... For more information on how firewood restrictions are affecting state parks and recreation areas, call the MNDNR Information Center at (651) 296-6157 or Toll Free at 1-888-MINNDNR. Campfires in rings only and must never be left unattended. Please burn nothing more than wood or charcoal. Firewood is available for purchase at the office for $4.50 per bundle. Please do not burn garbage. We ask this for our environment; if you bring your own wood, please take it with you.

Clean up
Please clean up your cabin inside and outside upon departure. Put your trash & recycling into receptacles, wash dishes, sweep floors, soak any stained items, write any issues that you had, clean up pet waste and or smoking debris.  Again, your cabin had been cleaned and prepared for your vacation enjoyment by our thoughtful staff.  We will expect that you will leave the cabin in the matter you found it upon your arrival.  If not, then you will be charged for any additional cleaning (beyond the standard), and replacement or repair fees that may apply.

Destroying the natural beauty of our resort is NOT permitted. Do not cut limbs from trees; defacing property in any way will result in immediate eviction. Stealing, damage to property or cabins will not be tolerated.

Big Pine Lake is rather large and can get deep in certain spots; be sure to swim safe and keep life jackets on while on the water. Respect all wake areas and residents living off the lake. Please operate your watercraft at safe speeds especially when coming or leaving the landing and docks.

Child Safety and Supervision
We love watching all the kids having fun with all there is to offer but ask parents to be responsible for your children's safety. The beach does not have a lifeguard on duty so please stay close to your child at all times. The use of our game room, playground and bathroom facilities are for everyone to enjoy so please observe them. Any motorized vehicle should be operated in a safe manor and used at a safe speed to get you to and from your site or cabin. Finally, we ask you to have lots and lots of fun making memories with your kids!

We ask that you NOT shoot off any fireworks on the resort premises. Doing so may be grounds for immediate eviction. The good news is Big Pine Lakes Association puts on a fireworks show every July so it's a perfect night to enjoy a show on the water!  Along with the town of Finlayson with their 2 day 4th of July Celebration.

We love pets and allow them at Waldheim however our only two pet friendly cabins are Bayview and Evergreen and Edgewater Cottage. Our Breezy, Edgewater and Hillside have been designated as pet and smoke free zones. If your pet does decide to vacation with you there will be a $15 per day pet maintenance charge and will be financially responsible for any damages caused by your pet.

To respect all guests we ask that your pet be leashed at ALL times, per State Health Department law. Noisy animals or pets with anti-social behavior are not welcome.

Please clean up after your pet or walk it in a primitive area. Pet droppings not cleaned up and pet destruction will not be tolerated. If your pet is use to being on furniture, please bring a blanket for it to lie on.

No dogs on the beach.  If your dog enjoys swimming please do so at the boat landing and enjoy!

If you leave your pet unattended in the cabin, it must be in a kennel or you must bring your pet with you. You will be asked to board your pet in town if this policy is not followed.


Your stay must be confirmed with a credit card 50% deposit.  This will be used three ways: 1. It will be your immediate agreement to all said rules, policies and salutations here at our resort.  2. It will be our mutual commitment to one another that your reservation will be upheld (barring any thing beyond our control).  3. It will be your security deposit for any damages after your stay.  If the damage repair or replacement exceeds your initial security deposit then you will be charged for those additional damages to equal its complete repair or replacement. 

You will be charged for what you reserve, whether you stay the duration of your reservation or not. A 90 day cancellation notice from reserved arrival date is required for a deposit refund, which would include a 35% handling fee. If cancellation is less than our 90 day criteria you will NOT be eligible for a deposit refund unless you have a valid, handwritten verification of emergency. Your deposit is our commitment to each other that you will arrive on your reserved date and will be here for you upon your arrival. Booking our all five cabins special is treated differently, please contact office for further details.  Short Stay Camping Cancellation will be treated the very same but with a $65 handling fee.

No refunds due to Mother Nature. Please note check-in and check-out times. Please check the bulletin board for announcements and what to do in case of a storm.


This document refers to the Cabin Rules Version 2017 and all previous and subsequent versions, released from the Waldheim Resort Management Team.

This document is subject to additions, modifications and other changes at any time without notice.


Where "Up North At The Lake" can still be found & 'Where Families can be Family'!

- Your Hosts, Jim and Patti Watt and our daughter Madeline