Dvorak keyboard layout with UK punctuation

I have recently been typing using the Dvorak keyboard layout with great success

Dr August Dvorak's original design included positions for common punctuation (commas, etc) but not symbols like @ that we have on a modern computer keyboard, and I have found the punctuation support in most Dvorak layouts to be counterproductive. Indeed, difficulties in touch-typing punctuation seems to be a frequent complaint in anecdotes from new Dvorak users - computer programmers in particular.

The obvious solution is to leave the extra punctuation keys in their standard QWERTY layout, and just rearrange the letters based on August Dvorak's original layout. This hybrid layout is now available in xorg, as of release X11R7.5 (2008), named "Dvorak (UK Punctuation)". Blue keys are identical to standard Dvorak, as specified in August Dvorak's original design. Keys in red are identical to the standard UK QWERTY.


Unfortunately the slash key had to be moved to a new location - a casualty of fitting a square blue peg in a round red hole. The normal slash key position is taken by Z in Dvorak.

It is possible to use the same layout on Windows. Download this tool from Microsoft, and use it to convert this ukdvk3.klc layout description file into an installable layout. This works on all versions of Windows from 2000 through to 7.

Unhelpfully, Windows will abbreviate the name of both layouts to "EN" for display in its task bar layout chooser button. Right-click to get a menu that shows the full name.

(Created 2004. Updated December 2009 with confirmation that this works in Windows 7)