From 2 to ...: An Illustrated Book


In 2007, Dmitry Zimin's From 2 to ...: An Illustrated Book was published.

In the book's foreword, Zimin wrote:

I was probably lucky that my childhood coincided with the romantic period of radio engineering and that my later years coincided with the romantic period of the capitalist revival, of private entrepreneurship, in Russia. [...] I look back on my life and describe only certain episodes. The choice of these episodes is mainly determined by whether I have the right photos or vivid documents in my archive.

This book of memoirs is cast in the rare form of a photographic album. The photographs are accompanied by texts that so naturally intertwine with the illustrations that the book's separate episodes create an overall picture of the author's life and thoughts. The book's focus ranges from the intimate moments of family life to the life of society.

Zimin's reflections on Russia's recent past and present, which are interwoven with his memories of distinguished scientists and industrialists as well as details of everyday life, make this book a must for the general reader.

Read the book:

  1. This Is My Grandma
  2. Back to my Childhood Photos...
  3. College years
  4. Institute of Radio
    and Technology in the Sixties. A.L. Mintz
  5. Years of VympelCom. The Beginning
  6. Stock Exchange
  7. VympelCom and The Taxmen
  8. Crisis over GSM
  9. One More Short Incident
  10. Frequency Scandal. Retirement
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