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The archive data allows us to trace social and economic development of Russian regions over the last three centuries.

The statistics for the repository was collected in accordance with a unified program that includes seven areas (population, employment, industrial production, agricultural output, services sector, capital, and land) for five time slices (1795, 1858, 1897, 1959, 2002). Statistical data of the 18th–21st centuries was extracted from various published and unpublished sources and was then standardized and organized as a database.

The creation of such a database simplified intertemporal and interregional research in Russian economic and social history.

The target audience of the project is the academic community of scholars in social sciences and humanities, teachers and university students, and everyone interested in Russian history.

The online access to the database in Russian and English is free.

The project for developing the Electronic Repository of Russian Historical Statistics was initiated by

Two research groups collected and processed data of the Electronic Repository in 2010–2014 directed by Kessler and Markevich. One group worked in Moscow, the other group worked in Saint Petersburg. Moscow group included Timur Valetov, Elena Korchmina, Olga Pavlenko, Aleksandra Petukhova, and Maksim Khatskevich. Saint Petersburg group included Maria Eitingina, Albina Gasimova, and Svetlana Novoselova. Galina Ulyanova, Aleksandr Feofanov, Roman Konchakov, Sofya Salomatina, Dmitry Khitrov, and Steven Nafziger also participated in the project.

The project was supported by the Dynasty Foundation in 2010.

Gijs Kessler and Andrey Markevich about the Electronic Repository of Russian Historical Statistics of the 18th–21st centuries

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