Postdoctoral Research Positions at Imperial College, London

This project was completed in 2011

In 2005, the Dynasty Foundation and Moscow's International Center for Fundamental Physics developed a joint project with the Institute for Mathematical Science, Imperial College, London. This program enables young scholars from Russia and the CIS to spend a year pursuing their research at Imperial College, London.

They compete for one-year postdoctoral positions in geometry, string theory, and related disciplines at Imperial College.

Approximately 30,000 pounds sterling per year are provided for this fellowship.

This competition is run annually with the International Center for Fundamental Physics, Moscow.

In 2006, we sent our first grant winner to work with the international research team at the Institute for Mathematical Science in London—Maxim Grigoriev, a research fellow in the I. E. Tamm Theoretical Physics Department at the Lebedev Physics Institute.

In 2008, ALEKSANDR ALEKSANDROV, a 28-year-old research fellow of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics,won the competition for a PostDoc Position at Imperial College.

In 2009, ELENA MURCHIKOVA, a graduate student of theoretical physics in the Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, won the competition.

In 2010, FEDOR LEVKOVICH-MASLYUK, a fifth-year student in the Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University and a Dynasty grant recipient, won the competition. The topic of his research is “Integrability and the AdS/CFT correspondence.”

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