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Developed with the active support of the Dynasty Foundation, the popular science website Elements (Elementy in Russian) was named by the journal Expert as the Internet-find of 2005. In its ROTOR ++ 2005 (Rus.) contest, the EzhE International Union of Internet Activists named it the best science education site of the year. That same year, the website was also awarded a prize at New Reality All-Russia Festival of Internet Projects. In 2007 and in 2010, the site won the Runet Prize (Rus.), which honors contributions to the development of the Russian segment of the Internet, in the science and education category. In 2008, Elements was recognized as the best science education site by the Russian online contest TOP ROTOR (Rus.).

The goals of this project are:

  • to promote an image of science as one of the most attractive forms of human endeavor;
  • to popularize a scientific approach to the world around us;
  • to spread scientific knowledge in a contemporary, accessible manner;
  • to show the human side of the scientific world by introducing site visitors both to the preeminent scientists of the past and to the people who are shaping science today.
The Elements project

The website (elementy.ru) features a library of popular science articles, transcripts of public lectures by distinguished scientists, information about upcoming conferences and grant competitions, and scientists' blogs.

The site also first published the Russian translation of James Trefil's one-of-a-kind encyclopedia The Nature of Science: An A-Z Guide to the Laws and Principles Governing Our Universe. This translation was later published in book form.

Science News is probably the most important section on the site. Here, readers cannot only find out about what discoveries have been made, but also how scientists arrived at those breakthroughs. Elements has already made a significant contribution to the popularization of science in Russia. With this site as their guide, journalists will now find it impossible to do a poor job of reporting news from the world of science.

In 2006, Elements unveiled the unofficial site of The Journal of General Biology, edited by Professor Alexander Markov. The website presents popular synopses of articles from this serious scientific journal, which is one of the most often cited journals in Russia (although it has a quite limited circulation). The site thus makes these articles accessible to everyone who is interested in contemporary science.

Elements has become more popular with each passing year. Whereas in late 2005 the site had 700 visitors daily, this number had grown to 12,000 by 2010.

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