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  1. 6 Oct 2018
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    "temporary asylum not political asylum"

  2. 11 Feb 2018
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    Hi - I have not received temporary asylum, I have applied for temporary asylum.. it is a long process and not by any means a given, I wouldn't recommend it if there are any other options available (work visas, residency applications, etc)

  3. 10 Jun 2017
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    Sound counsel will tell you political asylum is not an option. Is only possible to try for temporary asylum & is extremely difficult to get.

  4. 28 Dec 2016
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    Technically is not political asylum, but temporary asylum that I have applied for... but thank you again, so much <3

  5. 23 Nov 2016

    Over 300 shares on the press release, impressive: New Zealand Journalist Seeks Temporary Asylum In Russia

  6. 16 Nov 2016
  7. 8 Nov 2016

    I am residing in Russia where I have applied for temporary asylum Read:

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