The aim of my work has always been simply to seek to presence that which I regard as the Divine, or Sacred, with this sensing of the Hallowed occurring mostly within the landscapes of my day-to-day life.

There is no political content in my work, nor in that resulting from collaborations. I hold no political views save that of championing individual freedoms, as long as those freedoms do not seek to cause suffering to others – with those “others” including the non-human life forms we share this planet with.

Thus my work, my life, and my understanding of the Divine/Sacred, stand contra to any ideology/philosophy/construct which glorifies and/or encourages acts of harm and destruction.

Beyond this: Omnia Exeunt In Mysterium


Following the recent publication of two articles which make significant mention of me, I have decided – rather against my better judgement – to offer here some response. I do this in the hope that it may benefit those whom I love and respect and who have supported me both publically and privately during the publication of these articles.

I freely accept that if one has been involved in heretical esoteric pursuits, one should not moan too loudly when the Establishment strikes back. However, the maxim “never let the truth get in the way of a good story” can be very aptly applied to the journalists responsible, and this deserves to be addressed.

It is astonishing to think that in 2019 a “reputable” journalist could write and publish an article based entirely on gossip and on unsubstantiated assumptions which reveal just how little attention has been paid in the name of research; yet, it can only be that the capacity to think for oneself is diminishing in this quick-fix age of ours, since this type of lazy journalism appears to be thriving and is perfectly capable of causing maximum damage.

How obvious it seems that the material of these Hacks is powered by the need for a certain “Order” to fulfil a sensational image, and so in turn fulfil the fantasy roles of the “journalists” as moral crusaders. It could be said that such an “Order” is partly created and fuelled by such Hacks. In my opinion, the most vociferous of these individuals are usually the ones who are deflecting from something shameful in their own lives.

I am dismayed that my work – my life – is associated with the alleged rise of the Far Right. In terms of my “politics”, see the above Statement. Here, I wish to simply address two unsubstantiated accusations featured in the most recent article.

1: That I am now the Leader of the O9A. My personal odyssey through the esoteric techniques of the Septenary System lasted from 1989 until around 2001. There was no return in 2008. During that time I understood the O9A to be exactly as it has defined itself many times over the past few years: not in fact an organisation or Order at all, but rather a culture which cannot have a leader. As I understood it then, each individual was free to take the esoteric system and re-present it in their own image or according to their own prejudices (as the Hacks themselves have done) and take autonomous responsibility.

I should also add that, via personal experience, I always understood the O9A to be entirely anarchistic in nature, with no allegiance to political abstractions either Left or Right.

2: That I am the author of a book entitled ‘The Dreccian Way’. This was a title completely unknown to me, and it was utterly false to attribute the associated quotes to me. Again, please refer to the above Statement in regards to my views on inciting acts of terror and death. Regarding “culling”: I have always understood this to be a mischievous aspect of the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus, and during my time associated with its Septenary techniques, I experienced nothing to suggest otherwise.

The inconsequential writings I produced during that time are: Caelethi (Black Book II) which is a solo pathworking via a particular ordering of the seven planetary spheres, a few notes on the Sinister Tarot, and a number of MSS dealing with the Arthurian Tradition.

I make no apologies for my 30-year friendship with David Myatt, whose Numinous Way/Pathei-Mathos writings, dating from nearly a decade ago to the present, were completely ignored by the Hacks.

Let me introduce some reality into this fantasy world of the Internet, and give a glimpse of my day-to-day life. We – my family and I – live a rural existence, “off-grid”, and are ethical Vegans pursuing 100% self-sufficiency. There is a great deal of exhausting work involved, and when not working the land, we are renovating the semi-derelict house in which we live. Our children are primarily taught kindness: empathy, tolerance, and compassion towards all living things. Beyond that, there is very little interest in, or time for, anything else; my family is everything to me, hence why the recent album (‘Machair’) will be my last, and why this blog will henceforth mainly function as an archive for my work hitherto.

For those who appreciate my work but are made uncertain by the recent articles, I ask you to trust your instincts; to those who choose to believe the fabrications of the articles, then you are perfectly free not to look at my paintings or listen to my music.