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Posted byArti͢fi͘c҉ia̢l I̴nte͞ļl͠i̴ǵe͟nc͏è21 hours ago

TLDR: Gown daw isusuot kapag pumunta sa coffee shop. Kakaloka.

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is it Funny Sir, or Punny Sir?36 points · 18 hours ago

Pretty sure, kung buffed and good-looking yung mga naka-sando na yan ibang law ipo-propose nito eh.

Edit: choice of word

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Heh, nevermind buff or good-looking. White people who think it's way too hot. This is basically tourist attire.

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Minding one's own business should also be passed on to legislation.

Seriously though, these dudes look fine, it's not like they're walking around with shit stained clothing

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Lahat na lang pinapakialamanan. I cannot understand this world. Haha

These gentlemen should sue the writer for taking their photos without their consent and cyberbullying lol

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Chokes to Go - Masarap kahit walang clothes2 points · 9 hours ago

Eto yung good example ng "SJW" that we hate. Feeling woke. Sarap sakalin.

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3 points · 8 hours ago

Hindi ata ito sample ng SJW

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2 points · 8 hours ago

Wala pong social justice na naipaglaban sa post, may sarili ka atang interpretation ng social justice

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Pasig City8 points · 16 hours ago

Oh no, how dare they mind their own business and do what they want. I hate how they're doing something that doesn't affect anyone else around them and how they're just enjoying themselves like human people. I wish they would do what I want instead of what they want because it bothers me personally for some reason.


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Claire Ruiz1 point · 5 hours ago

so privileged.

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"Any person who shall utter, write, publish, or circulate the term "bugoy" used as a verb, without employing irony or satire, shall suffer the penalty of suspension social media, or public censure, or whatever."

There you go you little shit. (Not you OP, you're cool)

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I totally missed bugoy because reading uglify killed me.

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Meron ding sinulat si Lourd sa book nyang “this is a crazy planet” wherein sinu sulong nyang wag na mag sando pag pupunta ng mga malls. Siguro nga isa rin yujg nag post na medyo naalibadbaran or hindi comfortable makakita ng mga taong nagsasando sa publiko.

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Sana bawal din ang mga panaklob sa ulo sa mall di naman sila maambunan sa loob eh..

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Well, there were the SM Aura and SM MOA incidents. I think both were caused by heavy rains.

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d ko nabalitaan ah. what aura/moa incidents?

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Basically, it rained inside the malls.

MOA just last year, parts of the ceiling also fell.

Aura a few years ago.

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ah that. i remember the aura one. ung moa d ko nabalitaan

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Sabi nya meron daw purpose kung bakit de aircon ang mga establishment para maiwasan mag suot ng sando haha makes sense in a funny way. Try mo basahin yung article nya na yun sa ang title “sa ikaka ayos ng mundo, wag ka ng mag sando.” Ata hha

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tapos yung naka sando at senelas pala yung may ari nung lugar

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I like to confuse people.2 points · 8 hours ago

yeah kadalasan ganito pormahan kung ikaw ba naman may-ari eh. haha

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Cereal Killer8 points · 19 hours ago

This is elitist, but honestly sando without big guns looks meh.

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Sando without shower/deodorant is a crime in public transpo.

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Tang ina, d ako nag be brip puntang mall dto samin, walking distance lng eh. Like 50mtrs lang, so yun, d nila alam, drtso na bayag yung shorts ko. Lol

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bakit ang mahal ng gatas?7 points · 14 hours ago

don't be bugoy in public

This must be one of those people who feel that coffee shops have a dress code because they're "fancy". Which is ironic because that's exactly how social climbers think. Yung dapat fly ka 24/7 wherever you go.

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