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Website Promotion SEO

A search engine works much like a “global” yellow pages, allowing motivated buyers to locate and purchase services and products online. Superior ranking on one of the major search engines is the best way to bring quality traffic to your website. According to a GVU survey, over 85% of Internet users rely on search engines to find websites and over 33% believe that the number one listed website is the brand leader. Search engine marketing is ranked as the #1 website promotion method used by commercial websites and the most cost-effective method of increasing online revenues.

Web Promotion Program Overview

Your search engine optimization service begins with an in depth analysis of your existing websites. The purpose of this initial analysis is to define your market, analyze your competition and review which products/services are key to the success of your business. Upon completion of this initial analysis, extensive market research is undertaken to determine which keywords are the most important to target for your website. Once you have decided on the 15-25 most important keywords to promote, title/meta tags will be custom made for your website's index/home page, incorporating the keywords chosen. ExistOnline will perform the upload if you are willing to provide access to your website. Up to 15 existing pages within your site's hierarchy will be optimized as needed. In addition, up to 20 new sets of unique title/meta tags will be created for existing website pages as needed. The client will have the ability to incorporate up to 50 keyword phrases for search engine positioning. In addition, our team will create up to 5 keyword-dense, content-rich extension pages for your company to add to your existing website, as needed. These pages will be constructed to closely match the look and feel of your existing website layout. It will be your responsibility to host these pages on your servers and incorporate them with your website. Custom title/meta tags, with up to 25 keywords per page, will also be incorporated into these highly relevant extension pages.

Page Content Development

ExistOnline will perform an analysis of the content currently used on the pages identified for optimization. It is important that the content reflects your keyword selections and reinforces the dynamics of the title/meta tags. Professional copywriters will then provide draft copy for your approval to ensure that it portrays the proper message to prospective clients while maintaining good keyword density for the major search engines.

Link Builder

In order to increase search engine popularity and ranking, we will also implement a unique Link Builder campaign. We will contact websites that complement your company and request that they link to your website. In most cases, inbound links are increased without the need for reciprocal linking. We use unique screening methods to ensure that the inbound links to your website originate from quality, non-competing websites that are likely to provide a positive effect on your website's rankings. In addition to increasing search engine rankings, these inbound links will assist with referral traffic and increase brand awareness. This strategy is essential to your overall success and allows our team to dramatically increase the quality and volume of your search engine rankings. The result will yield enhanced qualified traffic, market share, competitive advantage, and conversion to sale ratios.