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Eliot Goldfinger

Eliot Goldfinger is a renowned sculptor and anatomist. He developed the anatomy program at The New York Academy of Art and has been an instructor at The Art Students League in New York City. He is the author of Human Anatomy for Artists—the standard reference in the field—and Animal Anatomy for Artist. Several of his busts of the mayors of New York City are held in the Museum of the City of New York.

Oscar Fikar

Oscar Fikar’s work with Maxilla & Mandible was expansive. Please check back for more photographs of his work.

Nelson Maniscalco

“As a lifelong student and teacher of fine arts, I might not be the likeliest suspect to create dinosaur sculptures and participate in dinosaur digs. However, the progression from fine artist to dinosaur sculptor and amateur paleontologist developed as I came to appreciate more and more the structural beauty of the earth’s earliest rulers. It is only natural that as my fascination with the anatomical forms of these magnificent dinosaurs grew, it would find expression in my creative works, such as my dinosaur sculptures for Maxilla & Mandible”

—Nelson Maniscalco
from Dino Press Vol. 5, 2001

George Holz

George Holz is an American photographer whose work spans 30 years and includes nudes, fashion, and celebrity portraits. He is a native of Oak Ridge Tennessee, and graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California in 1980. While at Art Center, Holz assisted for Helmut Newton, who urged him to move to Milan to pursue his vision. In Europe, Holz’s work appeared in Italian Vogue, Lei, Linea Italiana, Madame Figaro and French Elle. After five years in Europe, he returned to New York City in the mid 1980’s and opened a studio in the Village.

More about George Holz

In New York, his fashion and beauty  editorial work appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Interview Magazine, and the New York Times Magazine. Holz photographed many advertising campaigns for diverse clients including Max Factor, DeBeers Diamonds, and Elizabeth Arden. His “Gold” campaign for the International Gold Corporation won him a Clio Award.

In the early 1990′s Holz’s work segued into celebrity portraiture. He began shooting in LA and NY for clients such as Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, and In Style.  He photographed major celebrities in music, film, sports and politics including Jack Nicholson, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Madonna, Michael Jordan and President Bill Clinton. Holz photographed movie posters including  “Face Off”  for Paramount Pictures with John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. Holz won a Grammy award for his photography on Suzanne Vega’s “Days of Open Hand” album cover.

Selected Exhibitions

The Art of Persuasion: A History of Advertising Photography, International Museum of Photography at the George House, Rochester NY, 1988 (permanent collection)

Centro Cultural /Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City 1999  (permanent collection)

Photographs by George Holz:  Hohschule fur Angewandte Hunst, Vienna, 1990

George Holz: G. Ray Hawkins Gallery, Los Angeles, 1991

Nude in Photography:  La Foret Museum, Tokyo, 1993

George Holz Platinum Nudes: The Platinum Gallery Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1996

Original Sin: Staley Wise Gallery, New York, Robert Koch Gallery, San Francisco, Fahey Klein Gallery

Los Angeles, A Gallery for Fine Photography, New Orleans,  Robert Klein Gallery, Boston, John Cleary

Gallery, Houston, 1997-1998

The Portrait/The Nude III:  Fahey Klein Gallery, Los Angeles, 2001

Three Boys from Pasadena: George Holz, Mark Arbeit, and Just Loomis: A Tribute to Helmut Newton  Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin 2009,  Acte 2 Galerie, Paris 2010, and Clic Gallery, New York 2010

Kaune Sudendorf Gallery, Cologne 2012, Williamson Gallery, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena 2012

George currently divides his time between assignments in NY, LA and Europe.  When he’s not photographing, he lives with his wife, son, and animals on their farm in upstate New York.

All photograph are © George Holz

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