Pogonodon Platycopis (Sold)



An important Nimravid
Sabre-tooth skeleton

The entire Pogonodon Platycopis skeleton is exceptional in quality. Every bone is uncrushed and the surface texture shows little signs of erosion. This prestigious specimen is unmatched and rates high in both scientific integrity and, as a collectable, in great investment potential.

The 7-foot long mounted skeleton is 70-80% complete by bone count. The skull, showing its remarkable dentition, represents one of the most complete preserved examples of this species. The teeth are beautifully intact and unworn, suggesting that the individual died in its prime.

It is properly articulated in a suggestive “pounce” pose and the armature is designed to be easily taken apart so each bone can be removed for closer study and examination. Moreover, it has not been formally described in paleontological literature, hence, numerous research opportunities are inherit in this specimen.

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This skeleton has been sold