Simply secure

We craft clever & intuitive SaaP (Security as a Product)
and SaaS (Security as a Service) solutions
for consumers & SMBs.

We believe privacy and confidentiality are as paramount in technology as in real life. Whichever the setting, the right to be left alone is the beginning of all freedom.

As a freedom-loving company we take sides. We choose MyData over BigData, Open over Closed, Intuition over Complexity.

We are driven by sheer passion for people and technology. Living by our core values—integrity, innovation and openness—we build bridges to unite data security and e-privacy with today's always-on world.

Information Security lends itself to paranoia. We side with honesty and education over fear-mongering and extraordinary claims. By doing so, we aim to establish virtuous and trusted relationships with our customers, our investors and the community.

We are Preevio.

Iann De Maria, CEO


Our ambition

We help grow a better Web

Privacy and security are in the spotlight. Cyber-threats, data-hungry corporations and mass surveillance are eroding trust in the Old Web. The time has come for new networks, new apps and for new players.

Our mission is to help grow a better Web ; an open, ethical and profitable ecosystem made up of next generation hardware, software and service providers. Secure technologies that follow respectful data privacy guidelines and which can be relied on to protect secrets and data confidentiality against theft or eavesdropping.

We are pioneers. Our SaaP (Security as a Product) tools demystify and massify worldwide adoption of a better Web—not just by geeks but by everyone.