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Our Story

10 years ago Mark boldly told his family that he wanted to be able to drink his own 20 year old single malt by the time he turned 70. Once the idea had been set free, there was work to be done.

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<12 Deg C


50 %


3.1 KM/H


5 %

Love in a Glass


It’s still a baby, albeit, an eight month old one.

The flavour, and colour are both developing nicely. I’m not going to write a review. However, after much procrastination I took this sample to a private tasting a few days ago. 14 crusty (read: mature developed palates) whisky drinkers and me (boy, still in short pants). How nervous do you think I was? In the […]


AUTUMN: Harvest Dinner

Imagine sitting outside at a long table with old-fashioned festoon lights hanging overhead. Hold that thought. Now imagine spending the evening chatting and laughing over dinner with the people around you. Bring that idea along at 5 pm on the 11th of February and you will have a great time. We promise the food will be […]

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