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Everything your event needs to empower staff, inspire attendees and reward stakeholders.

The Entegy Suite is a powerful event communication and engagement platform designed to meet all your event goals. Consisting of a set of powerful products which work independently or together, the Entegy Suite delivers remarkable experiences at events of all sizes and budgets.

Core (CMS)

Create, control and analyse from a single point.

  • Centralised repository of event information and content.

  • Single database of attendee profiles.

  • Bulk importing, editing and exporting tools.

  • Monitor and report using live stats and data.

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Core (CMS)

Event Apps

Impress with an exceptional first impression.

  • Superior design and intuitive user interface

  • Always live, instant updates

  • Extensive sponsorship opportunities

  • Completely skinnable

  • Flexible and secure

  • Measure event success

  • Discover and connect

  • Powerful event schedule system

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Attendee Connect

Attendee Connect

Engaging networking and gamification

  • Facilitate networking

  • Gamification

  • Create a digital community

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Interactive Sessions

Drive discussions with Polling and Q&A;

  • Boost session participation

    Boost session participation

  • Moderate with dedicated facilitator panel

    Moderate with dedicated facilitator panel

  • Event branded display screen

    Event branded display screen

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Interactive Sessions

Lead Capture

Exhibitor lead generation using own devices

  • Convert interest into meaningful leads

  • Easy setup, intuitive to use

  • Drive traffic through incentives

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Rapid registration with optional payment

  • Sophisticated registration made simple

  • Drag and drop builder

  • Flexible deployment with instant access

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Attendance Tracking Attendance Tracking Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking

Track, monitor, report and manage

  • Real-time attendance management and insights

  • Uses staff devices

  • Automated scanning

  • View live data

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Kiosk Manager

Welcoming technology

  • Revolutionise your registration area

  • Companion app for staff

  • Easy to setup and configure

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