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John Wiseman

Releasing one's first solo effort at the age of 53 obviously makes it a different kind of musical statement than it would have been had I released it at 23, 33, or even 43.  I was a different person at each of those ages.  But the opportunity never presented itself.  Or, perhaps, I did not pursue the opportunity with enough determination.  In any case, this is how it is.

I grew up in a house where my Mom sang all the time, and my sister was studying music (I used to sneak into her room to listen to her classical records!).  I've heard a lot of music in my life, including a lot of first solo albums.  I have always felt that a first solo album should be an accurate overall musical statement of where that artist is at that point in his/her life.  I think this effort has succeeded in this regard.  I've been influenced by straight-ahead rockers (Floyd, Zep, Clapton, Neil Young) and progressive rockers like the Moody Blues and Yes; but also by folkies (CSNY, Tom Paxton, Jackson Browne, Dylan), old-time country artists (Roy Acuff, Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Cash) and people (such as Tom Lehrer, Weird Al and Flanders & Swann) who defy description.  Add to this my exposure over the past 15 years or so to Celtic, Maritime and RenFaire music and we have a rare mix indeed.

I don't expect to set the world on fire (let's face it - there probably aren't any chart-toppers here), but I hope to warm a few hearts and raise a few smiles. To contact me (via e-mail), click on my name below!

John C. Wiseman

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