Giving Back to our Profession – An International Experience

Giving Back to our Profession – An International Experience

Giving back to our profession and providing training opportunities for young surveyors coming through is certainly something LTS advocates, so it was an easy decision for us to provide a three month sabbatical for Croation Geodesy student, Franka Grubisic, when she approached us in April 2016.

We were initially introduced to Franka by John Brock, a colleague and well known personality in our profession.  John had met Franka in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2015, while attending the 3rd FIG Young Surveyors European Meeting.

Franka commenced with us in July 2016 as a survey assistant and certainly found considerable differences between surveying in Australia and surveying in her native country, Croatia.  “Surveying in Australia is almost completely different than Surveying in Croatia”, Franka said.  “I learnt so much in my first three weeks of working that it can’t be compared with any of the other jobs I had so far.   The main difference is, from how I get it, is that in Australia surveyors are  the bosses.  Nothing can get started without a surveyor going into the field and marking/remarking boundaries.  The architect only does the sketch, the surveyor is the one who marks it clearly onto the ground and defines where’s e.g. the brick wall, concrete wall etc.  Construction workers follow the instructions given by surveyors on set-outs.  Finally, once everything has been done, surveyors are the ones who come back and measure in order to get final strata plans, check if everything has been done correctly and measure.  I have also enjoyed working with robotic total stations here, because back at home we rarely get that chance.  I’ve gained lots of new experience in equipment usage and discovered new insights of working methods”

While accommodating an international student can present certain challenges for survey teams, the opportunity to learn about an entirely different culture and provide such an amazing learning opportunity for an international student is particularly  rewarding.   We thank our team for understanding & embracing this opportunity.

We wish Franka well for the remainder of her studies  and look forward to seeing her back in Australia at some point in the future.

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