Just a few of my (in)famous photos:
Women missing their breasts,
men in dresses, a Governor gone mad,
conservatives jailed and kept in "protest pens"


Above: Women with surgically altered chests Transgender Rights march, Northampton, MA (June 2008).

Shirt for sale at Transgender Rights march, Northampton, MA (June 2008):

Above: Mass. Governor Deval Patrick signs the "Transgender Rights" bill into law  
as legislators, children, and transgender activists look on. (Jan. 19, 2012)

Below, Gov. Patrick talks with the mainstream media at the Jan. 2012 bill signing, while men in dresses
proudly pose behind him. Attorney General Martha Coakley is on the right.

Some of the male-to-female transgdender activists in attendance at the Jan. 2012 ceremonial signing:


Senate Judiciary Chair Cynthia Creem shrieking her support
"transgender rights" at the State house (Jan. 2010) as several 
(typically) huge male-to-female transsexuals watch (below):

Below: Wallpaper in the women's restroom at
Harvard University's exhibit celebrating ACT-UP (Oct. 2009):

Above: Massachusetts high school "Ally Week" poster, 2007

Below: Macy's "Transgender Mannequins" during Boston Pride Week (June 2006). 
Something seemed a little odd under those shirts:


Below: QueerToday (with participation by BAGLY and PFLAG) organized 
riot vs. Focus on the Family's  "LoveWonOut" conference at the Tremont Temple Church,
Boston (Oct. 2005). 
The rioters, or course, had no permit for their "demonstration"
which blocked the street all day: 

The coffin says: "Focus on the Family = Queer Youth Suicides"

 Below: Lexington father David Parker (parents' rights hero) at his meeting
at son's school, his arrest, & his first court hearing (2005):



 Below: Democrat National Convention in Boston  (July 2004), where
Barack Obama gave his "coming out" speech. The "protest pen":


Brian Camenker in the protest pen.

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