Women Lie About Rape

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The #MeToo movement went completely out of control this last year and a half, destroying men’s lives, dragging them through mud, and more often than not, during incidents that are complete falsehoods like in the case of our supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Award-winning journalist Megan Fox will be joining us on the lunch stream today to talk about this, and all of the other incidents she’s discovered in her new book, Believe Evidence which is now up for pre-order on amazon.

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It should be a very fun chat, as it always is when Megan drops by. She’s extremely knowledgable on this topic and what she’s written in her new book is shocking.

Speaking of shocking, you might not know of the most recent SFWA controversy with a group 20BooksTo50K. Establishment publishing has gone off the rails again. I wrote it up in The Federalist here.

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