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Equipment loan eligibility

The Sleep Disorders Program's equipment loan scheme assists patients who can least afford to purchase their own sleep therapy device. Unfortunately, we can't provide all of the equipment needed to begin treatment. To be considered for this scheme, you must:

  • Hold a current Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card - either as the primary card holder or as a listed dependent. Department of Veterans'  Affairs (DVA) white card holders are also eligible.
    Please note: Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, Queensland Government Seniors Card or Seniors Business Discount Card holders and Health Care Interim Vouchers are not eligible for the Program's equipment loan scheme
  • Reside permanently in Queensland*
  • Have been diagnosed with significant sleep apnoea as defined by the QH Sleep Disorders Program **
    • At least moderate sleep apnoea (Respiratory Disturbance Index of ≥ 15/hour on a diagnostic sleep study) associated with excessive daytime sleepiness or other symptoms of sleep apnoea including choking or gasping during sleep, recurrent awakenings from sleep, unrefreshing sleep,  daytime fatigue and impaired concentration and/or memory; OR
    • Obstructive sleep apnoea of any severity associated with excessive daytime sleepiness as defined by an Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) of ≥ 10/24 where other causes for the symptoms have been excluded.


    Note: Patients with mild Sleep Apnoea (AHI <15/hr) without significant daytime sleepiness (ESS <10/24) require prior approval from the Sleep Disorders Program Executive Committee for issue of equipment.  The committee will consider each application based on the demonstration of other clinical benefit from CPAP treatment, including treatment of symptoms not reflected by the ESS, effects on co-morbidities or the requirement to control other downstream effects of OSA.


  • Purchase your own device accessories - including mask, headgear, and (if required) humidification
  • Rent a positive airway pressure device at their own expense for a minimum 2-month home treatment trial with average usage of at least 4 hours per night over this period.
  • Under the management of a Sleep Physician in a Queensland Health Prescriber Unit

* Queensland residency status is reflected by the patient's concession card indicating a Queensland residential address.
The applicant may be asked to produce additional documentary evidence of Queensland residency status (e.g. driving licence) if required by the QH Prescriber Sleep Service. Any concerns about the applicant's eligibility shall be referred to the QHSDP Executive Chair or the QHSDP Executive Committee. The Executive's decision in such matters is final.

** Objective CPAP compliance must be maintained at least at 4hours/night to retain the loan positive airway pressure device.  Those patients who have been reviewed by a QH Prescriber Centre and have suboptimal adherence to CPAP (<4hours/night) will be given a 1 month grace period to improve CPAP compliance. Advice will be provided with regards to specific equipment or health issues affecting compliance. If objective CPAP compliance is <4hours/night during this 1 month grace period then the pump must be returned to the Sleep Disorders Program.

Royal Australasian College of Physicians Accredited Sleep Physician in a Queensland Health Sleep Disorders Prescriber Centre.

Last updated: 22 August 2016