Life Support Rebate

I need assistance with Life Support Rebate

What is it?

The Life Support Rebate is available on electrically-operated life support equipment (as prescribed by an ACT medical practitioner) necessary in the treatment of a life-threatening condition. The entitlement provides eligible individuals with a rebate on their electricity account. The annual rebate amount for 2018-2019 is $121.87. This will be applied to the eligible applicant’s electricity bill as a daily rate of approximately 33.389 cents per day. Only one Life Support Rebate can be claimed per household.

Residential property owners using life support equipment which depends on a fresh supply of water may be entitled to a reduction in water usage charges.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility is determined by the energy provider. However, as a general guideline the life support equipment must be prescribed by an ACT medical practitioner for the treatment of a life-threatening condition.

A sub-category of the Life Support Rebate is for concession card holders with an eligible condition requiring medical heating and/or cooling.

Eligible equipment

The following electrically-operated life-support equipment entitles the applicant to an electricity life-support rebate:

  • dialysis machine
  • oxygen concentrator
  • respirator
  • CPAP regulator
  • longstay life support
  • nebuliser
  • LS reference
  • TPN device
  • other apparatus subject to approval.

How do I apply?

Contact your energy provider for information on how to apply for a Life Support Rebate. You will be asked to produce a letter from your medical practitioner/authorised medical officer stating your need for life support equipment. Registered Providers of Energy under for the Life Support Rebate are:

  • ActewAGL Retail
  • Origin
  • EnergyAustralia

The Life Support Rebate is also available to eligible residents of ACT caravan parks and retirement villages with embedded electricity networks. The Rebate will be paid directly to eligible residents rather than as a reduction applied to utility bills. Please contact the ACT Revenue Office directly.

Who runs it?

ACT Revenue Office


ACTEW AGL Ph: 13 14 93
For information on the Life Support Rebate see ActewAGL Website

Origin Ph: 13 23 56
For information on the Life Support Rebate see Origin Energy Website

Energy Australia Ph: 13 34 66
For information on the Life Support Rebate see EnergyAustralia Website