Bardsdale Cemetery - Fillmore, California

Bardsdale Cemetery

1698 S. Sespe St
Fillmore, California
Fillmore Twp., Ventura Co., California

Bardsdale Cemetery is located about five miles south west of the town of Fillmore, California in Ventura County. Click on the street address above for a map showing its location. Actually, the map location shown is north of the cemetery itself.

My thanks to the Cemetery Manager and his staff for the help in creating this listing and to the Cemetery Board for allowing me to even attempt this project.

For the most part the data for each entry came directly from the grave marker or from the cemetery's books (as of about 15 Jan 2010) for the unmarked graves. If I have inadvertently entered or not entered the correct information, please let me know so I can correct the entry.

There no surnames beginning with 'X' in the cemetery, therefore, I put all the photos I took of unreadable markers and unknown markers in the "X" file. If you have any information about them, please let me know.

Since service information isn't always indicated on a marker, please let me know about any Veterans who should be included on the Veterans Page. In the Notes column may be "(Memorial Building)" which indicates that there is a plaque in the Fillmore Veteran's Memorial Building for that Veteran.

Also, In several cases, there will be a number in parenthesis in the Date of Death column (sometimes in the DOB). This in the interred number which will be resolved sometime in the future--I hope. Consider it just a place marker because it certainly isn't a Date of Death.

Total interred count to date is 6,543 (which might or might not be accurate).

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Scenic photographs of the cemetery:

Carrillo Memorial Chinese Monument Oldest Monument Visitor

Cemetery Maps:


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