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Who We Are

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We care about freedom, security, the environment, humanity and our future.

The Galileo Movement's co-founders are retirees Case Smit and John Smeed. Their business backgrounds are in science and engineering - science's real-world application. Their experience is in environmental protection and ensuring air quality.

At first they simply accepted politicians' claims of global warming blamed on human production of carbon dioxide (CO2). When things didn't add up, they each separately investigated. Stunned, they discovered what many people are now discovering: climate claims by some scientists and politicians contradict observed facts.

Case Smit John Smeed
Case Smit (left) and John Smeed

Supported by their wives and risking their personal finances they underwrote and organised an Australian tour by Lord Monckton - famous for explaining the scientific data, the statistics and the UN bureaucracy's political fabrication of global warming alarm.

Overwhelmed by enormous public response, John and Case discovered that people feel confused. In their gut many Australians sense that climate change is natural and that climate has always been changing. People want to discover understanding and clarity for themselves.

Through their voluntary effort, Case and John freed many people previously afraid to speak out publicly.

Mixing with everyday Aussies during the tour they became frustrated: despite the tour's huge success, it got little media reporting. The key to ending corruption of science and politicised misappropriation of public funds is to reach out to people directly by enabling people to discover climate reality themselves. People are then free to protect Australia, workers, families, jobs and industry against politicised misrepresentation of science. Voters will have the power to influence politicians of all parties to vote against any carbon dioxide taxing or 'trading'.

This site explains Case's and John's apolitical public campaign. It gives visitors reassurance and ease on climate. It's a rallying point to a mainstream media voice for the growing majority of Australians wanting to reclaim their lives from media spin and politicians' control.

It provides clear, easy choices. It shows how we can each confidently express our care by taking simple effective action - to stop all carbon dioxide taxes and 'trading' schemes and protect our security, freedom, environment and future.

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The Galileo Movement is the initiative of two retirees - Case Smit and John Smeed - strongly supported by their wives Corrie and Suzanne.

Case Smit:
Case was founder and owner of Environmental Health Services (Aust) Pty Ltd, an organisation that monitored and advised on the effects of their environment on people's health. Science degree, BSc (chemistry & metallurgy), Certified Industrial Hygienist, Chartered (Environmental) Professional; He's a grandad.

John Smeed:
John is a retired, national engineering excellence award winning professional engineer - He founded and built a successful Sydney based Australia-wide operational, design-construct air conditioning company with 140 staff including 14 professional engineers. He maintains control of an environmentally excellent Australian combustion technology company and still undertakes occasional international engineering consulting briefs for unusually challenging air-conditioning projects.

Nature image Case and John both live on the waterfront in Noosa and are both concerned about the horrifying economic and social implications of the proposed legislation for taxing and 'trading' carbon dioxide. The huge impact on their children's and grandchildren's future stimulates their dedication to exposing and ending the Government's dangerous campaign.

Both remain passionate about protecting the environment and the use of objective science based on real-world evidence. They see the Galileo Movement as a vehicle for people to contribute to the progress of the last five hundred years by confronting the falsehoods of Post Normal Science and promoting support for Real World Science to make people's lives safer, easier, more comfortable, healthier, wealthier and freer.

Founders' backgrounds on global warming:

John and Case initially accepted claims of global warming due to human activity. As appliers of science in the real world, they quickly became aware of inconsistencies in the political claims and spin. They each did their independent research to separately discover that political claims contradicted real-world science.

They are incensed by activists and academics misrepresenting science to falsely claim global warming is harmful and caused by humans. They are concerned by academics and activists hiding behind the appeal to authority, yet mostly unwilling to debate the facts in public.

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Why Galileo?

Galileo Galilei (1564 to 1642) is a 'father of science'. An Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher, he played a vital role in the Scientific Revolution. He stood up publicly and almost lost his life to ensure objective science replaced superstition, ideology, ignorance and state control.

The 'settled science' and frightened consensus of his peers was that the sun orbited Earth. Galileo proved them wrong. He then stood up to the entrenched, dogmatic religious and state beliefs suppressing the truth.

Thanks to Galileo and his early peers, objective science was born and replaced central control and intimidation. We enjoy freedom and many material blessings that make our life easier, safer, longer, more secure, more peaceful, wealthier and happier.

Taking his name, we honour his integrity and courage in championing freedom and protecting science. He replaced religious doctrine with solid observable data. His outspoken defence of truth is a rallying cry to all people valuing freedom and objective understanding of the world. His spirit guides us to ensure that we and future generations continue making the world a better place to live - by protecting the environment and making honest decisions based on factual scientific evidence.

Galileo had the courage to stand apart from the mob of philosophers and scientific explorers who bowed to bullying from religious and Government authority. He was enslaved that we could be free. His greatest gift is beyond his science, it is our freedom. Although he suffered, ironically the world has come around to him.

That is now threatened as ideology seeks to replace science and control seeks to replace freedom.

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Project Leader

Malcolm Roberts They invited Malcolm Roberts to be Project Leader. An engineer by training, his managerial and leadership experience included statutory responsibility for thousands of people's lives based on his knowledge and real-world experience of atmospheric gases, including carbon dioxide. As a leader and then adviser in industry, he has dirtied his hands leading the cleaning of environmental legacies and setting new standards in environmental protection.

For almost four (4) years Malcolm has researched the science and politics of global warming. He speaks out passionately and strongly after discovering fraudulent misrepresentations of the science by advocates claiming humans are guilty of causing global warming.

His publicly available Personal Declaration of Interests is available on his web site

During their careers, John, Case and Malcolm have often seen people being rewarded for pleasing their boss, even to the detriment of their employer. This fundamental flaw in statism is driving climate alarm. In Government, it threatens freedom. Galileo stood up to statism. That's cherished and admired by The Galileo Movement.

Administrative Support and Liaison

All the above positions are currently filled by unpaid volunteers.

The company will pay for clerical assistance and secretarial support on an hourly basis as necessary.

Wives and associates helped define the Galileo Movement's Purpose, Aims, Philosophy and Principles.

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Purpose and Aims of the Galileo Movement:

to expose misrepresentations
pushing a 'price on carbon dioxide'

The Galileo Movement seeks to protect Australians and our future in five areas:
- Protect freedom - personal choice and national sovereignty;
- Protect the environment;
- Protect science and restore scientific integrity;
- Protect our economic security;
- Protect people's emotional health by ending Government and activists' constant destructive bombardment of fear and guilt on our kids and communities.

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Addressing the real threat:

We address those five areas in four ways:
- Exposing UN IPCC misrepresentation of science, climate and Nature;
- Presenting real-world science and advocating for scientific evidence as the basis of policy;
- Revealing economic damage from needless additional taxation burdening people already reeling under high and rising costs of living;
- Revealing environmental damage of bureaucratic control taxing and 'trading' carbon dioxide.

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Philosophy and Principles:

We see human freedom as essential for the benefit and progress of humankind and for protection of the environment. Freedom is the key to responsibility and sustainability.

Nature image With Earth's large human population, environmental sustainability is essential for modern civilisation while civilisation is essential for sustainability. Instead of choosing either civilization or sustainability the reality is each needs and depends on the other.

Guiding Principles:

Governance and management of the Galileo Movement is guided by these principles:
- Freedom: protect freedom and let people be free. Challenge the increasing imposition of Government control on people's lives;
- Honesty: rely on factual data, ensure decisions are based on facts;
- Fact based science: protect and use science, a key to human progress, objective and fair decisions and freedom;
- Respect for people: give people opportunity to speak up. Engage people so they want to be involved and are committed. Such people become owners. Give people a voice and provide a forum. It has been made politically incorrect, unfashionable and fearful to publicly state disagreement with the hypothesis that humans cause global warming. Convert that to an opportunity to take pride in speaking out. It's OK to tell the truth. To factually express dissenting views is admired and valued;
- Environment: protect the environment. Separate political claims of global warming from the environment as two (2) separate issues;
- Non-political: The Galileo Movement is non-partisan. We want to appeal to all political parties;
- Life enjoyment: Life is for living and enjoying

Intimidation through fear and guilt has been the weapon spreading climate alarm. People have a right to be free from that unfounded fear and guilt. Hundreds of millions of the world's poor have a right to environmentally responsible prosperity.

Developed nations have earned the conditions for people to have easier lives in harmony with the natural environment. The developed world's progression to liberal democracy has provided the privilege of opportunity for full life enjoyment.

The push to restrict human production of carbon dioxide is deadly with negative life-changing implications. Our campaign is serious. We aim to replace the fear and guilt heaped on us by reconnecting with life's inherent joy. We can have some fun.

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Independent advisers:

The Galileo Movement has available expert advice from Australian and international specialists across all diverse fields of global warming including meteorology and climate science, palaeoclimate, physical sciences (physics, chemistry), life sciences (biology), social science (economics), formal science (mathematics, statistics), communication, law.

These experts include eminent professors, PhD's, scientists and people with diverse life experience including:

Professor Tim Ball
Warwick Hughes
Professor Fred Singer
Professor Dick Lindzen
Bill Kininmonth
Professor Bob Carter
Professor Ian Plimer
David Archibald
Professor Peter Ridd
Professor Garth Paltridge
Dr Vincent Gray
Jo Nova
Des Moore
John Nicol
David Flint
John McLean
David Evans
Pat Michaels
Joe D'Aleo
Viscount Monckton
Nature image This group includes diverse opinions to promote healthy debate producing greater scrutiny and rigour. The Galileo Movement does not claim that any of these advisers or our many other advisers endorse all opinions or actions of The Galileo Movement or this web site. Nor is The Galileo Movement bound to follow the advice of all those who provide advice.

Malcolm Roberts has often invited evidence and data from advocates of human causes of global warming.

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The Galileo Movement's patron is Australia's own Alan Jones. Alan has a long history of speaking out for the downtrodden and for protecting freedom. His innate expertise straddles the fields of politics, sport and the media. His wealth of experience complements the basic science that is the Galileo Movement's core.

Media Advisers:

Paid services as needed provided by Jackson Wells, Sydney.

Expected Life and Strategy:

Short-term: inform citizens through the internet and affiliated organisations.

Medium-term strategy: raise funding to inform citizens by influencing and purchasing media time.

The ultimate aim is to use pressure from voters and non-voters to persuade our politicians of all parties that restricting Australia's production of carbon dioxide is futile, wasteful and dangerous.

Expected life-span: The intent is to terminate the Galileo Movement when the push to price carbon dioxide is destroyed. That's anticipated to be by the next federal election.

Funding: The Galileo Movement Ltd is a non-profit company limited by guarantee (ACN: 149 463 687). Its two (2) directors are its co-founders: John Smeed and Case Smit.

It will invite memberships and donations to be used to inform Australians about climate and the danger and futility of taxing and 'trading' carbon dioxide.

The Galileo Movement will have expenses associated with web site, publicity, buying advice and contacts from professional media consultants and managing records and interacting with members.

As a non-profit organisation its intention is to devote all money raised to informing citizens.

Any surplus funds at the termination of The Galileo Movement will be donated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service to provide support to those in need of real climate research.


Houston and Company, Sydney.

Where possible and except where donors request anonymity, all donations will be identified with donors names for the purpose of maintain records and auditing.

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Nature image The Galileo Movement is building affiliations with climate, scientific and associated organisations. These affiliations provide links to people concerned about misrepresentation of science by the Government, Government agencies and some academic institutes dependent on Government grant funding.

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Privacy policy:

Unless we obtain people's permission to do otherwise and subject to compliance with valid court or legal orders, we will keep people's personal information confidential. Please click to see our detailed policy.


We acknowledge the many people worldwide from diverse backgrounds who worked tirelessly and mostly without any compensation to keep Galileo's pioneering spirit alive as science was assaulted. Thank you for your work in protecting science, protecting the natural environment, protecting our economic security and protecting the human spirit from alarmists' constant bombarding of fear and guilt. Most of all, thank you for protecting freedom.

We acknowledge scientists, many retired who sprang into life to protect science and Nature. As the UN and extremists cloaked in green tarnished 'science', your total dedication to restoring scientific integrity has rekindled many people's faith in science and reliance on objective real-world observation. Much appreciated.