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lawyer legal services

Lawyer Legal Services is a general practice law firm with over 50 years of combined service. Our Adelaide lawyers are driven by results and totally focused on our clients. Any need that you or your business has, we can protect your interests. We offer a variety of lawyer legal services to suit your needs.

Lawyer Legal Services in Adelaide

  • personal injury
  • enduring power of attorney
  • guardianship
  • company law
  • contracts
  • criminal defense
  • Compensation Law
  • commercial law
  • taxation and superannuation and
  • insolvency and recovery

If you have been injured as the result of another’s action or inaction, then you may be entitled to compensation. Contact today for your free, no obligation consultation. An experienced lawyer will be able to tell you if you have a possible claim immediately.

Lawyer Legal Services to win your case.

Are you facing the possibility of losing your estate’s assets in a family law property settlement? Do you want your children to avoid a hefty tax levy on your estate? Only a tough lawyer in Adelaide can help you with the will, enduring power of attorney, guardianship, or testamentary trust that you need. Our lawyer legal services are designed to cater to your requirements and fulfills your needs satisfactorily.

We have experienced criminal lawyers.

When you are facing criminal charges in South Australia, only an experienced criminal lawyer in Adelaide can help protect your rights and see your case all the way through.

We are experts in all legal contracts.

We are lawyers who are widely experienced in all forms of contracts. Leases, defense contracts, wills, building, contractor, distribution, employee, finance, franchising, hire/supply, loan, partnership, sales and shareholders are contractual forms that our lawyers in Adelaide have worked with.

We have specialised insolvency lawyers.

Should your company face insolvency we can help keep the wolves at bay. Also, we will have our trained lawyers assist you with debt recovery including the issue of Court proceedings and enforcement of any judgment that is secured.

Contact Lawyer Legal Services Adelaide

Contact today for you free, no obligation consultation. You will be given an honest assessment of your case and you will leave knowing what lawyer fees you will be incurring. Our lawyer legal services will definitely leave you satisfied.

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