Pizza Loco bring a completely unique mobile dining experience to events across Yorkshire and the North of England…

Neapolitan wood-fired pizza, cooked in the firebox of our Pizza Locomotive!

The Pizza Locomotive is something that’s difficult to comprehend initially, but once you catch site of a steaming hot Neapolitan pizza fresh out of the firebox, you begin to understand the method behind the madness.

We can ping those out at 80 pizzas an hour, so if you’ve got 100+ party guests, we’re up for it.

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A Very Unusual Firebox…

Pizza Loco’s design is nothing quite like anything else, and makes for a formidable focal point at any event.

Based on a heavy duty twin-axle cattle trailer, it’s been radically adapted and re-modelled to capture the spirit of the early pioneers of the steam age.

Inside the cab it has a firebox, just like a real steam train. Instead of a coal furnace though, our trailer has been fitted with a traditional wood-burning oven based on a centuries-old Italian design.

The super-insulated oven is designed to heat up to its optimum baking temperature of around 450°C in a couple of hours. Once it’s fired up it can turn out more than one perfectly crisp, thin, and bubbly-crusted pizza a minute.

Chuffin’ eck!

Our Green Credentials

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and this is reflected in our corporate philosophy.

As much as possible, we source our ingredients from farmers, growers, and independent businesses close to our base in order to keep food miles to a minimum.

We grow a variety of herbs and vegetables in our own little market garden, and any meat that we use is always organic and ethically farmed.

We keep packaging to a minimum and we serve our pizzas on plates made from recycled sugar cane, or boxes made from recycled card.

Our oven is fuelled by carbon-neutral timber, harvested from managed woodland in North Yorkshire where new trees are planted to replace those cut down.

 “Napoli on the bottom, Yorkshire on’t top!”

A fiery combo of fine-tuned Neapolitan dough, topped with punchy Yorkshire flavours.


We’ve created (and are always tweaking) our own dough recipe, which comprises of a secret blend of various flours, sea salt, yeast, and water. Who’d have thought 4 ingredients could be so complex, unpredictable, frustrating, and beautiful at the same time?!

As for the sauce, we haven’t found a tomato that comes close to our good friend the D.O.P. San Marzano. It’s so good that we add nowt more than sea salt when crushing them down to make our passata.

We’re firm believers in keeping it simple so you can taste each ingredient!

We offer a wide range of vegetarian food, with vegan cheese and gluten-free bases easily incorporated on request.



To keep Yorkshire on’t top and shining through in our pizzas, we make good use of award-winning local cheeses from deep in the dales, right through to Leeds suburbia!

If that’s not Yorkshire enough for you, we also have a few bespoke blends of cured meats made especially for us by a cheeky farm shop on the North Yorkshire border!

We hope you’ll all agree that the end result is a winning combination of age-old Neapolitan methods, and supreme Yorkshire produce.



The Street Food Cook Book: Northern Edition

Features not 1, but 2 of our pizza recipes, including our dough recipe!

£10.00 + 2.99 delivery

“A selection of carefully constructed recipes by some of the finest Northern street traders.

From short ribs to scotch eggs, porchetta to pizza, and crepes to cocktails.

This book has all areas covered. “

(FREE SHIPPING on orders over £20)

Street food comes in all shapes and sizes – hot or cold, quick-cooked or slowly simmered, wrapped or rolled, sweet or savoury… what ties it together is the passion that is shared by the artisan traders who bring gourmet dishes out from restaurants and onto the streets.

The Northern cities are at the forefront of this exciting culinary trend. Ambitious and passionate foodies have brought local ingredients and top quality cooking to the streets, creating amazing flavour combinations in front of our eyes and dishing them up at affordable prices. From Birmingham to Newcastle, there are so many markets and vendors, you could spend a year trying them all. Nottingham, Loughborough, Sheffield, Hull, Leeds, Manchester, Darlington and Sunderland all have incredible traders putting them firmly on the street food map, but there is also plenty going on outside the major cities.

Whether you’re in the Lake District, North Yorkshire or the Peak District, you’ll find inspiration in this book for incredible food to try. Whether its being served up from a tent, van or mobile pizza oven – if it’s made on the move, it’s covered in this book.


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Best Pizza in Leeds!


Pizza Loco Named in Top 5 Pizzas in Leeds by Leeds Confidential.

We’re buzzing with this! There are some well-established dough slingers in Leeds, so to be featured in the top 5 alongside people we’ve been inspired by from the start means a lot.

We pride ourselves on our dough, and fine-tuning our recipe has become something of an obsession over the past couple of years tbh. Long may it continue too!

Special shout out to The Dough Dungeon, where the magic happens!

“Loco’s dough is some of the most satisfyingly blistered, blackened in the business.” (Thom Archer, Leeds Confidential)

Catch us at Trinity Kitchen for 8 weeks as of 20th March!

See the full article HERE.

And the Eco Award goes to…


Bio-degradable and compostable packaging is what we’re all about. WE GREEN!


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Start making your pizza how we do!


Starting with the dough, learn how to make our shredded duck, thyme-infused honey, balsamic fig & brie pizza!

There’s over 20 more equally scoffable recipes in The Street Food Cook Book…

CLICK HERE & scroll down to see it with your own eyes!


Pizza Loco to feature in upcoming recipe book.


There’s a new cookery book on the festive horizon, and the creators have kindly asked us to come up with two signature recipes to feature in it!

The book will contain stories and recipes from a collective of foodies across the UK. It will be available to buy in Waterstones, online, and directly from us (ideal Christmas pressie IMO).

That’s all for now, but we’ll update you with more info on release dates etc as soon as we’re given the go ahead.

New website!


We’re happy to present our new website. There will be more updates coming soon. Check back soon.


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