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Empower your office with the best technology in Congress.

Your office receives hundreds, sometimes thousands, of calls and voicemails from your constituents every week. Each message needs to be listened to, manually transcribed, logged, and acted upon. Your office is spending hours every day just trying to keep up.

Your New Phone System

  • Effortlessly handle every voicemail, with automatic transcription, analysis, and delivery.
  • Unlimited storage means no one reaches a full mailbox —no matter how many advocacy campaign calls you get.
  • Keep your existing systems. No new equipment to buy and maintain; no new software to learn. Setup takes minutes.
  • Article One is already integrated with your Fireside and Intranet Quorum CRMs.

Actionable Insights

  • Get real-time political intelligence from your calls, straight to your inbox.
  • Know who’s calling, from where, and why.
  • Optimize your team’s time and focus on the issues that matter.
  • Understand your constituents like never before.

Smart Text Messaging

  • SMS auto-responses instantly close the loop with constituents, efficiently collect contact information, and eliminate wasted time.
  • Put the power of SMS in your hands. Smart responses to calls and voicemails.
  • And your constituents will get the message—98% of text messages are opened.

What people are saying

Don't take our word for it.

Before Article One it would take up to two hours per day to handle our voicemail. Oftentimes we would push it to the next day and it would pile up. Now, with Article One it takes only minutes.

Legislative Correspondent

Article One really saved us when we got over 700 calls in a night about net neutrality. Without it, I would have had to sneak away from the Thanksgiving table to empty the voicemail.

Staff Assistant

Article One really changes the broken relationship between our constituents and my boss... It is helping our office be far more efficient with every constituent call.

Chief of Staff

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