Solar Grid Connect

solar panels installed on tin roofSolar Energy is a conversion of Sunlight into Electrical energy, Solar is a fast growing addition on to many Homes and Business’ around Australia. Solar Power is a very cost effect way to bringing down your energy bills.

Solar power is almost everywhere these days and is changing for the better with every moment that passes.

At Max Power Electrical we specialise is Solar Grid Connection Installations, and have been installing them for 5+ years, we have installed big and small system, from schools to homes to farms. We have installed Systems in nearly every corner of the state of Victoria and are very passionate of our work, no matter how far from home.

What you get with our services:

  • Professional Advice
  • High quality work
  • A team of Electricians who know what they are doing
  • Friendly and Honest Electricians

In our time installing Solar Systems we have encountered many challenges and have never been unable to complete the task at hand, we have a high quality expectation in ourselves and never do anything short of the mark.

What we install:

The Solar Panels. The main aspect to a system, and where the power is made, taken care of each individual panel is a must, for each panel has its own impact to the performance of the system therefore making it important to make each panel 100% and in perfect condition for your system.

The Railing. Each system is held up by a system of railing fixed to the roof with quality fixing to ensure the strength and stability of the system. If the railing isn’t safe, then the panels aren’t, therefore we go over every piece multiple times to ensure the quality and peace at mind.

  • Cables. We only use cables that are up to standard and are 100% safe for your home or business.
  • Inverters. This is of equal importance to your panels and therefore must be treated with a professional approach and installation.
  • Isolators. These are essential, in case of future maintenance, the isolator is there to make it safe for the person performing such maintenance on your system.