Solar Maintenance

maintaining a solar panel

Maintaining your solar panel means optimal performance

Maintaining your solar system is a critical factor in keeping the longevity of your solar systems that many home owners ignore or are ignorant of. After all, you have paid $1000’s to install your solar system in Melbourne. Keeping it running at an optimal function will ensure you keep your power bills down and the money you spent on the system doesn’t go to waste.

Solar Systems have many benefits to your home, or even your growing business. But maintaining it and keeping it clean is a fundamental aspect to getting the full potential out of your Solar System.

If you have discovered your solar system is not working we can help. Maybe the unit is leaking or it is not giving you the financial savings you expected. We often hear from our clients that they have been sold a unit from a air conditioning sales company and have been left high and dry. Unfortunately sales reps just want your money. They don’t care once the product is sold and move on to the next customer. At Max Power our reputation is everything. If you have bought a system from us, then these issues rarely occur but if they do, we keep close relationships with our suppliers to ensure our clients are looked after.


Things that can degrade performance can be any of the following:

  • Dust (Dirt)
  • Moss (Fungus)
  • Tree Litter (Leaves, Sap, etc)
  • Bird Droppings
  • Pollution in the Air
  • Salt in the air (If you live close to the ocean)


Reasons it benefits you cleaning your Solar System are:

  • Looks (Clean, shiny, and the give off that your system is almost like new)
  • Performance, with you system maintained, you can expect to see your Solar System’s Performance to improve.
  • Warranty (Systems can come with warranties that have clauses to maintain your system to avoid voiding your warranty) With better performance, you will see better savings on your power bills.

What we assess while we are there maintaining your solar system:

  • Age and wear on your Panels. With the elements of the planet, age and deterioration can happen relatively quicker than you would expect
  • The Cables. We make sure that they are still in safe condition, and still up to the task of powering up the system.
  • The Railing. This is the strength to your system, and it is of up most importance to make sure the integrity of the frame is still in very good condition, to ensure the safety of your panels and home.
  • The Inverter. We will make sure that everything at the inverters end is top notch, this involves checking its performance.

We recommend a check-up and scheduled maintenance on your Solar System on a basis of 2-4 times a year, to ensure that you are getting the utmost performance out of your system.

Solar is a long term investment, so it is important to take care of your investment. But even if you don’t want to schedule a regular service we highly recommend you get your solar system checked at least once per year.

Contact us for a full solar system maintenance check today.