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My site is chockful of puzzles, crafts, and book activities.



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Take a look at my amazing new teaching guides, by the wonderful Dianna Burt! They will give educators and caregivers ideas (discussion and activities) on ways to use the books to teach multiple concepts and they include the applicaple Common Core standards. We will be adding guides gradually, with the eventual goal of offering guides for all of my books.

We would really like to start including more samples of my book activities, pictures from my presentations, and pictures of my books being used in the classroom, so if you have photos we would love to share them on the website! They can be emailed to [email protected].

In the Tall, Tall Grass has been selected for Maine’s Raising Readers, an incredible “statewide program that gives books—free of charge—to all Maine children between the ages of birth and five”.

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