Levels of Landscape

I do not copy my subject but interpret it as I feel at the time of painting. Drawing, memory and imagination, and using colours and materials that I feel like using, keep me absorbed in the whole process. Sometimes the resulting work comes like a delayed reaction as if my work needs an incubation period – it needs to mature or un-mature.
I know that juggling life and art has its costs and rewards.
There you go….today’s statement maybe it will be different tomorrow!

Arid Desert Zone, Fowler’s Gap 2017                 acrylic on canvas 160 x 230cm                                       Finalist: 2017 Fisher’s Ghost Open
The High Plains 2017
mixed media on paper on canvas 51×50.5cm
Fowler’s Gap group 2016-17
Mixed media on canvases and boards
30 x 30cm each                                                                  3 SOLD
Fowler’s Gap group 2016-17
mixed media on canvases and boards                     30 x 30cm each
Easter Afternoon, Fowler’s Gap 2016
acrylic on canvas 61x61cm                                 Finalist: 2016 Goulburn Regional Gallery Art Award & 2016 Heyson Landscape Prize
Following the River 2017
acrylic on canvas 46x46cm
Ernabella 2016-17
acrylic and collage on canvas 50x50cm
Autumn Landscape 2017
oil on canvas 61x51cm
Bleached Bush Light 2015
oil on canvas 71x56cm
September 2017
oil on canvas 61x51cm
Trees 2016-17
oil and acrylic on canvases 30x30cm each         ALL SOLD
Winter Landscape 2016 acrylic on canvas 75x100cm                                                               Finalist: Muswellbrook Regional Gallery Art Award
Winter View (Mittagong) 2017
acrylic on canvas 75x100cm
Campsite at Sand Dune 2017 oil on canvas 61x61cm
Sheltered Place 2017
acrylic on canvas 46x46cm                                   SOLD
Stepping through to the Lookout 2017
acrylic on colorfix paper on canvas 40x30cm
Cool Mountain Summer I, II & III 2015
acrylic on canvases 25x25cm each
The Other Side of Summer, Healesville I – IX
acrylic on canvases 18x18cm each                   Finalist: 2017 Bayside Acquisitive Art Award          3 SOLD
Beach group (Minnie Water) 2016-17
oil and acrylic on canvases 30x30cm each
Nor-Westerly, Fowler’s Gap 2016
acrylic and charcoal on Hahnemuhle paper 80x120cm
Finalist: 2016 Fisher’s Ghost Drawing
Road to Khancoban 2016
acrylic on colorfix paper 47x67cm
Finalist: 2016 Parliament House Plein Air Art Award
Cool High Country 2016
oil on canvas 41x41cm                                            SOLD
Fire Trail I 2016
mixed media on Arches Watercolour paper 57x76cm                                                                        SOLD
Fire Trail II 2016
mixed media on Arches watercolour paper 57x76cm
Shoalhaven Summer 2015
oil on canvas 170x240cm

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