Super Cheap Cleaning is a cleaning service provider that serves the entire city in all types of cleaning services – be it commercial or domestic. We have an experience of over two decades of providing cleaning services to many happy customers across the city. Our work is conducted in strict accordance to the highest standards of service practices. We are trusted by our existing customers as the top cleaning company in the entire city area. Our workers are trained to work with strictness and professionalism. This has managed to win us several happy customers over the years.


At Super Cheap Cleaning we try our best and provide neat and tidy cleaning services to all of our customers who seek to hire us. Our work ethic sets us apart from the rest of the cleaning services as:

  • We provide professional and experienced cleaning services
  • Our cleaners are fully vetted and insured
  • Our products and equipment are in accordance with the latest industry standards
  • The cleaning materials and accessories used by us are of top-notch quality
  • Our cleaning products are non-toxic and safe for your children and pets



Services offered by us

We have a number of packages that you can book according to your need.

  1. One-off cleaning: A onetime  cleaning of the entire area where are experts will clean every nook and cranny of your property. Great for special occasions or yearly cleansing.
  2. Sanitisation: Our experts are great with sanitising commercial venues and private homes post parties or other similar events.
  3. Subscription: A customized regular cleaning service to keep your home or office space clear of any dirt and mess. You can get a package based on the size/usage of the property.
  4. End-of-lease cleaning: Great for giving the final clean up to the property when you are evacuating it after the end of your lease.


Any queries will be answered at our helpline!

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