One Off Cleaning Service

We all come across times when we need additional as well as specialized help for cleaning – both in residence or commercial spaces. Whenever you require any professional cleaning service, we at Supercheapcleaning are always at your disposal to take care of all types of your cleaning requirements. This also includes the occasional One Time cleaning jobs, if you are located around Sydney in Australia. We render our services on weekdays as well as weekends so that you can choose to book our services at your convenience.

Why people choose one-time cleaning service?

There are numerous occasions when you think of getting One Time help or service for cleaning your residence or office spaces but from our experience, we have found the following reasons widely common from our clients:   

  • The need for one-time cleaning services is widely felt during Spring time or Seasonal Cleaning as it is often referred when you would like to thoroughly clean your premises for health and hygiene.
  • Before the events like parties and get-togethers, the need for one time cleaning arises and one looks for suitable help so that their premises are sparkling clean for the guests and invitees.
  • Cleaning is also required after such events; many people look forward to avail our services after the parties or get-togethers are over to set their place in order.
  • We have also observed people engaging us for one time cleaning to judge our efficiency and professionalism before they assign us regular cleaning contract.

It is obvious that the scope as well as the range of our services requisitioned in these one- time cleaning services may also vary widely. It could be cleaning services of particular area viz. kitchen only or it could be entire premises. The client has to define the task list to our cleaner team and accordingly we estimate the approximate hours that would be required to the job. The duration of the service obviously can be decided upon the inspection of the work area and precise requirements demanded from your end.

Top Quality Services

Our typical one-time spring cleaning work practice includes cleaning of toilets, showers, sinks, cupboard doors, skirting boards, bathroom tiles etc through vacuum cleaning, mopping, wiping and dusting of the surfaces.

In case you intend to get your patio or deck cleaned up as well, it is recommended to include our pressure cleaning services along with one time cleaning assignment. Similarly, if you require your oven cleaned or window cleaning, then you have to combine one-time cleaning with our other services like oven cleaning services or window cleaning service. Since these services require special tools and appliances, our team shall come prepared if it is mentioned at the time of booking.


Cost Effective & Courteous Services

The one-time cleaning services are charged on hourly basis. The cleaners will dutifully meet your stated requirements and comply with your checklists. Upon arrival at your premises, our personnel shall inspect the work area and shall provide you the estimate of man – hours that will be necessary to complete the stated task. This would give you the advance approximation of the cost involved for availing the services for your requirements.

The time calculation begins when our staff reaches your premises and leaves your door after cleaning the area to your satisfaction. Upon completion of the task, we value your feedback and you will be asked about your opinion on the job performance.



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