Hard Floor Cleaning

Mopping, vacuuming, buffing etc are the conventional methods of cleaning hard floors in homes or commercial properties where the flooring is usually ceramic tiles, marble, vinyl or hardwood. Despite such regular maintenance, the floors turn to become dull and dreary over time. The accumulation of dust, grit and grime due to traffic on the floor causes the floor surface to appear lusterless and in many cases, stain patches also appear on the floors when it comes in contact with certain pollutants. Proper maintenance of hard floor surfaces requires expertise as well as special equipments to get the desired appearance of the flooring.

Professional Hard Floor Cleaning rendered by experienced agencies like Super Cheap Cleaning Services reinvigorates the shine on your floors as extend its service life. More often than not, it saves you significant amount of money on replacement of your flooring as our expert treatment extends the service life of your floors. Periodic cleaning by professional cleaning service providers helps you restore the sheen of your floors. The use of expertise and experience of our professional cleaners which is supported by heavy machines as well as special cleaning chemicals ensure the best cleaning and reinvigoration of your floors.

Super Cheap Cleaning Service employs different industrial machines which are most suitable for use on different floor types along with our adoption of innovative processes for superior cleaning. The typical procedure starts at the inspection of your floor. Upon assessment of your floor type and condition, the most suitable equipments, detergents and methodology is employed to give your hard floor a clean hygienic look. We would also like to briefly elaborate on the general cleaning practices that we adopt for the following surfaces.

Ceramic or Stone Tiles: The surface is thoroughly cleaned of dust by vacuuming. Then use of hot water and special cleaning detergents is employed to dissolve the fine dust and grime to help it removed through machines. Upon drying, the tiles appear sparklingly cleaned.

Wooden Flooring: Here the pads and brush drivers of the buffing machines take the lead to thoroughly clean the hardwood surface and help it look rejuvenated. It also takes care of minor scratches on its surface.

Pressure Cleaning: This is generally used in the external area where high pressure blast of water jet from heavy duty compressor machines. It removes the grime, moss, algae, graffiti etc from the exposed surface and gives it clean look.

We can also provide with sealants and protecting coatings on the cleaned surfaces if requested by the customers since it helps in retaining the luster for longer time and enhance the durability of the floors.

We undertake hard floor cleaning work from both private home owners and large commercial property owners. We can extend the flexibility of time slots for our services so that it is most convenient for you.

Our hard floor cleaning services are reckoned as most reasonably priced with great quality features. So the next time you plan for cleaning your floor surface, call us and we shall be glad to serve you.