Duct Cleaning

The ducts are the integral component of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in modern homes or offices. The cleaning of these ducts periodically is recommended by health experts since the indoor air quality is hugely impacted by the tidiness of the ducts which are akin to the lungs of the homes. The accumulation of dust in the ducts and its imminent circulation in the indoors air affects the quality of air that we breathe and thus have health concerns like allergies to the residents in the premises. Super Cheap Cleaning services uses the latest cleaning machines and has crew of specially trained cleaners to efficiently clean the ducts at your homes or offices.

Our dust cleaning system process is aligned with the best practices in the industry and takes care of cleaning all the critical components of the ducting system. This comprehensive approach ensures that the whole system gets thoroughly cleaned and you get the safe indoor environment for longer periods. We use specialized equipments to clean the following:

  • The main or trunk duct line
  • The supply duct lines
  • The return duct lines
  • The air handling unit (AHU)
  • The register grilles, filters, fan blades
  • The main motor unit as well as heating and cooling elements

The technicians at Super Cheap Cleaning system are trained to begin their duct cleaning routines after thorough assessment of your ducting and proceed with the most efficient method so that best results are delivered.

The use of high pressure air blast is done through the one specific duct line while others are carefully sealed. The high pressure flow serves to loosen the accumulated dust and debris in the surface area of the duct. This process is repeated several times as necessary and the loose debris is collected through vacuum suction. By employing the same process in meticulously planned sequence, all the ducts are cleaned free of dust contamination.  Subsequently, the cleaning of electrical components and grills etc are done to get the whole system cleaned free of dust.

At the end of the process, a special sanitizer is applied which prevents and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and moulds within the system.

There are multiple advantages of getting your duct system thoroughly cleaned periodically.

  • Healthier Indoor environment: The clean duct system ensures that the quality of indoor air is safe and hygienic. It is free from dust mites, moulds or allergens which are known to trigger various respiratory issues.
  • Efficient System Performance: It has been found that if the duct system is not cleaned thoroughly, it can have dust buildup up to ½” on them. This impeded the airflow and reduces optimal system performance.
  • Savings on Electricity bills: Once the system is thoroughly cleaned and maintained on regular intervals, the system performance is optimized. The improved efficiency saves electricity.

Super Cheap Cleaning Services has the reputation to offer top quality duct cleaning services at most reasonable prices. Whenever you need duct cleaning service for your home or office, please feel free to contact us and we will be too pleased to offer our best services.