Club Cleaning

When you think about the range of sporting and leisure centers in your community, you start to realize how diverse they are.

Your sporting club should be a place of relaxation, luxury and enjoyment. However, if you haven’t made the right choice in cleaning companies, your clientele might be rather unimpressed with your facility’s cleanliness. What’s more, you might be unwittingly putting members in danger of developing health issues due to mold, dust and bacterial growth.

Inspiration Cleaning can help

Inspiration is Queensland’s choice in cleaning contractors for sporting clubs. Our services ensure that every area of your facility is clean, safe and hygienic: from the interior of the clubhouse to the sporting grounds themself.

We offer the widest range of cleaning services of any sporting club cleaning company.

Our services include:

Windows – The windows of your club are often responsible for the first impression made on new members. They also allow natural light to filter into the interior. If they’re dirty, grimy and covered in dusty and pollen, you’re making the wrong impression.

Interior – Your clubhouse’s interior should be clean, hygienic and comfortable. Our cleaning contractors can ensure that all surfaces, from the floor to the walls and even the ceiling, are clean and beautiful.

Kitchen Area – If your clubhouse includes food preparation or kitchen areas, we can provide vital cleaning services here as well. From stainless steel cleaning to hard surface floors, we can provide everything you need.

On-Field Cleaning

Maintaining a sporting facility requires considerable effort and expense on your part. Our cleaning contractors will ensure that your playing area is ready to go for your members. From debris and trash removal to bin service and much more, our sporting facility cleaning company provides you with an end-to-end solution for every need. Never let your members or guests suffer


We arrive on time, every time, and work fast to ensure your set up is complete before you know it.