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Exterior Wood Shutters

Custom Exterior Real Wood Shutters. 


Dramatically change the apearence of your home by adding custom fit wood shutters.   Shutters can decorrtive or functional to not only add style and elegance, but to also add security to your home.

Shutters can be built any size shape or color. 


Outdoor wood shutters

1. Board and Batten Shutter Styles


with no space between the vertical boards



with a gab between the vertical boards                           

2 Determine the Size and shape of the shutters.

Shutters can be built any size depending on the size of the window, the space around the window, and the funcionality of the shutter.  Many decoritive shutters are built narrower then the actual window due to the space surounding the shutter, walls, corners, etc.  For functioning shutters they must be measured carfully to fit the window frame when closed. 

For rectangulat shutters generally the height is the same as the inside of the window frame and the width is 1/2 the wideth of the window frame.

For Curved windows, you will need to measure the height at the center of the curve in the middle of the window and he height at the bottom of the curve  on the side of the window.




3. Determine the number of vertical boards and the number of horizontal battens.

Vertical boards can range from 2" to 7" thick and you will want to consider the overal width of your shutter when deciding how many vertical boards.

The horizontal battens are generally 3.5" wide.  Most Shutters have two or sometimes three for tallers shutters. 

A cross batten can also be added if desired for style.

4. Mounting options.

For decorative shutters they can be mounted directly to the walls or mounted with functioning shutter hinges.  Even if the shutters are mounted permanently open using the shutter hinges gives it a more rustic authentic look.

5. Additional shutter options

Make it personal and custom.  Shutters can be built to fit any style.  Add decorative bolts, dororative strap hinges, or cut out shapes to customize.  Shutters can be unfinished, stianed any tone or painted.

6.  Pricing

Pricing is generally per set,   For rectangular shutters, multiply the width in inches by the height in inches and devided by 4. 

For example

Window 48"' wide  x 48"' tall     Shutter size 24" wide x 48" tall   

 Price     24" x 48" and devide by 4 =  $288 per set

For curved windows add $50 per set

For a third horizontal batten, or cross batten add $10 per set

Decorative bolts add $20 to $50 per set depending on number and size of bolts.

Basic decorative mounting kit $20 per set

Black functional hinge mounting kit add $35 per set (4 hinges)  $50 per set  (6 hinges)

Instalation,  the hinge kits come with mounting instructions or we can come install them for you for $50 per set.

We can come out and measure your windows for $20.



Patio Shutters

Perfect solution to that afternoon sun

Adjustable to allow more or less light in

Patio Shutters

patio shutters

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