How It All Started

It all started back in 2001 when I started teaching myself to bake. It started with bread baking. I had way too much of it and started giving it out to my co-workers. When Thanksgiving came around someone asked me if he could purchase a loaf to bring home for the holidays. Before I knew it bread had turned into cheesecake and it was off to the races.

For many years friends suggested I open a store. Over the years I considered it but opening up a bakery in NY City is extremely expensive so I came up with a plan to start small. I thought a good place to start would be street fairs and flea markets and last year I finally started doing it. It started slowly and has gradually gained momentum. My products are now available in retail stores in NY City and will soon be available at specialty shops throughout the northeast.

At Taste This Cheesecake we take great pride in giving you, our customers, the highest quality products available anywhere. We take great care choosing each individual ingredient. Because of our high standards from time to time certain varieties may not be available if an ingredient such as fresh fruit is out of season or is not up to our standards. We will let you know immediately by updating our web site. Also, certain flavors are only available seasonally such as our Pumpkin and Eggnog.