Security Deposit Information

Utility customers are required to pay a security deposit prior to opening a new account or adding new services to a current account.

The deposit is based on the usage history specific to each address and is an average of two monthly bills. If the property has been vacant, the services were not used or it is a new service; a standard deposit amount will be required. The standard deposits are based on the services provided at the property. The deposit is held for twelve consecutive on-time payments (24 months for commercial accounts) and then credited onto the account. If the account is closed prior to that time period, the security deposit will be applied to the final balance, with any remaining credit amount refunded in a check sent to the forwarding address.


If you have had an eligible utility account open during the last year, you may not be required to pay a security deposit.

An eligible account:

  1.  Has been open within the past twelve months.
  2.  Was open for at least a year.
  3.  Has a good payment history. (no delinquent notices issued)

Please call 218-730-4050 to ask about your security deposit.

Security deposits can be paid over the phone with a debit/credit card or in person by cash, check, cc or money order.

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