As the 2018 ARLIS/NA conference did not involve major travel for our members, ARLIS/NA New York was able to make four awards available to students and new professionals to cover the cost of registration. Below is the second of four write ups from the recipients of the Celine Palatsky Travel Award. 


I was fortunate to be among the individuals awarded ARLIS/NA New York’s Celine Palatsky Travel Award for the 2018 ARLIS/NA Out of Bounds Conference.  I am currently a graduate student at Pratt Institute, pursuing a dual Master’s degree in Library Information Sciences and Art and Design History; I am also the Acquisitions Technician at the  School of Visual Arts (SVA) Library.  Attending this conference, not only provided me with insight into the field of art librarianship, but the experience also presented me with new information about library and information science that I have been able to apply to both my studies and my professional job.


I attended the conference for three full days: participating in every session I was able to, speaking to as many professionals as I could, and attending as many after-hours events for which my schedule would allow—including the amazing convocation ceremony and reception at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.  I attended a variety of sessions, though my favorites tended to be the ones that were mainly lecture-based. Indeed, my favorite was a presentation that was part of the session Accessing Visual Culture: Deconstructing the Intellectual and Physical Challenges of Making Visual Content Accessible for Research, in which librarian Jerrold Shiroma gave a fast (yet thrilling and comprehensive) overview of the history of graffiti. He touched upon how graffiti is physically viewed; how it has been stigmatized; the different ways to regard it; and how it can be archived and presented in a digital world.


Another exciting aspect of my Out of Bounds experience was being able to see my co-workers from SVA and a current professor from Pratt present.  My co-workers David Pemberton and Phoebe Stein presented in Different by Design: How Art Librarians are Undertaking User Experience. SVA Associate Director, Rebecca Clark, presented in Libraries Resist, and my professor, Emily Drabinski, presented in Thinking Outside the Bounds of the Typical Library: A Spotlight on Three New York City-based Libraries and Archives.


I thank ARLIS/NA, the organizers of the Celine Palatasky Travel Award, and my Director at SVA, Caitlin Kilgallen, for giving me the means and opportunity to attend such a lively and intellectually stimulating conference!  I hope to attend for years to come!


Kelsey Gallagher, Acquisitions Technician, School of Visual Arts Library