A Rich Past

For thirty years, Maxilla & Mandible, Ltd. has been a pioneer in many fields—both in the arts and sciences. Explore our expansive history and the roots of our operation.

Exclusive Offers

Museums and private institutions: consider one of our unique, exquisite specimens—available now for your collection. Notable for their outstanding exhibition quality, our research-worthy specimens are fully documented with associated dating, making for interesting publishable scientific contributions.

Open to the Public

The Maxilla & Mandible Library holds an ever-expanding archive of current and historical publications and press, a resource for photography and sketches, and a vast collection of other online natural history sites.


Dinosauria International, an affiliate of Maxilla & Mandible, offers a wide range of well-preserved dinosaur bones and skeletons. Learn more about Dinosauria and check out the latest news and offers from the Quarry.

Maxilla & Mandible specializes in the acquisition, documentation, preparation, and exhibition of dinosaurs and other fossils—for museums, private institutions, and special projects. With 30 years of success, we draw upon our established global resources and experienced team of professional scientists, artists, and educators to provide the best offering possible.

With climate change concerns on the rise, the future welfare of our planet will depend on spreading the respect and appreciation of our fragile ecosystem that it so desperately needs.

Civilization has a way of insulating us from forming these critical bonds—the need to balance the natural world against our rapidly expanding commercial and industrial one has never been greater.

Museums around the world have committed to preserving the disappearing treasures of the earth, giving the scientific community and general public access to these invaluable specimens.

While space exploration, exotic animals, human biology, and prehistoric fossils top the list of museum exhibitions, nothing garners more public draw than dinosaurs themselves.

Icons of evolutionary past, dinosaurs capture the imagination and make it easy to develop a keen respect for the capabilities of nature and evolution in action.

Maxilla & Mandible’s mission has always been to promote the educational value of natural history and science through the museum experience. Our 30 years of success in business, goodwill, and dedication to the scientific research community stand as testament to our unwavering passion. (Read more in our history.)