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Vacation - had to get away
I'm taking most of this week off from blogging...people to do, things to see. So in the meantime, try reading these fine blogs instead. Capiche?

  1. :: sledgeblog ::
  2. ScorpioGirl
  3. Sha Ka Ree
  4. pixeldiva
  5. IrishEyes

  6. (more blogs...)

[vacation - all I ever wanted]

Don't forget me when I'm gone...my heart would break...
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Why did Acerbia cross the road?
I finally figured out what all that random twitching and the feeling I just couldn't shake like I'd lost my car keys when I don't even drive was all about... Acerbia was gone.

But now it's back -- the house shines like the top of the Chrysler building -- and Todd is sporting a clean, close shave. Go "play chicken" and shake that not-so-fresh feeling as well, why don't you?
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Brother, can you spare a dime?
Use Blogrolling? Love it? Never quite got around to paying for it? Well now's the time to get off your collective arses and help a brother out. New user sign-ups have now been suspended due to a rapidly growing user base. 95% of the traffic and overhead comes from free Blogrolling accounts.

I firmly believe in paying for what you use. And things are never able to continue on for free forever, people. There are hard-working, devoted people behind the curtain that should be rewarded for their time (and bandwidth). If you use it -- don't abuse it. Spread the word and pony up.
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I want to ride it where I like
[ms150] Statia is participating again in the MS 150 City to Shore Bike Tour. Please go to her site to help support -- and donate to -- the cause!
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10K in 2K3


Every year, I start a new MT blog -- and the blog for 2003 just reached 10,000 comments this week. Angel gets all the glory for this comment.

And I don't have the heart to tell Kevin that he missed the honors by just one comment...yet again...
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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
Your favorite coed naked blogger has been nominated for The Blog of the Century. This dance ain't for everyone. Only the sexy people... Voting begins at noon, Mountain time on Friday the 15th -- so stay tuned!
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The AP article made today's St. Pete Times. I've scanned a copy from the paper itself -- which includes a photo of me -- if you'd like to see.

Also, I updated my sidebar with a due-date countdown. It's just above my current desktop image.
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Although it's been said many times, many ways...

[thank you!]
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Mighta took the long way, but we knew we'd get there someday
You might remember that recently tampatantrum.com celebrated its one-year birthday. Well tomorrow, August 12th, is my two-year blogiversary.

Todd and I have seen a lot of changes in the last year. Some bad, many good -- the yin and yang of life always making its presence felt. I've learned a lot. Grown a lot. Gained friendships, and sadly lost friendships. And hopefully come away from all of it just a bit wiser and a better person for it.

"To grow mature is to separate more distinctly, to connect more closely." — Hugo von Hofmannsthal

This all brings me to something I can finally share with the class. It might help explain why the quality and quantity of several of my sites -- this one included -- has been lacking as of late. And why the posting times are always so sporadic. And why I haven't been able to visit blogs like I used to, and my "reply to" box currently has 156 items (84 unread). I fully expect these changes to carry forward as I begin my third year of blogging. Why, you might ask? Because this past weekend I safely passed into my second trimester of pregnancy!

That's right, Todd and I are expecting our first child on February 15, 2004. (For many of you, that due date will hold a bit of life's bittersweet irony.) To say we're thrilled and over the moon would be an understatement. I won't be blogging about my pregnancy here -- but so many of you have prayed for us and sent your well-wishes over the past several months, I couldn't fail to acknowledge it here. "Thank you" just never seems to be enough...

We had our fourth ultrasound on August first, and everything is going extremely well with the baby. The heartbeat was good and strong at 162-170 bpm. It's been that high since week five. We've already heard it on doppler as well. I can now finally present to you...the first public photos of baby Tobyn... Don't you think our little slice of immortality has Todd's good looks and my sense of style?

[baby Tobyn image 1] [baby Tobyn image 2]

I especially want to take a second and thank those of our friends who've been able to sit on their fingers and zip their lips all these weeks, and help keep this mega-secret for us. I know it hasn't been easy! I'm also excited to say that five of my friends -- in real life and online -- are all due within a month of me from January - March of 2004. (UPDATE: Another friend from college just announced today and she's due in February, too. Better make that six!) It's an exciting time for so many of us -- and I'm thrilled to have the chance to share this life-milestone with them!

So there you have it. My big blogiversary news! This is the time on Sprockets where we dance... Cake and punch to the right. Just warn me if you spike it, mmmk?
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Gotta photograph, picture of
Many thanks to a certain someone who dropped this AP photo in my lap!

[AP Photo]

If you catch the article in your paper tomorrow, this picture just might run with it!
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To password or not to password...revisited
I've noticed people wondering how to password-protect an MT blog after dicussion here this week -- and most recently this new AP article.

To my knowledge, there are four ways to do this. I'm opening it up for discussion because there may be other methods -- and I'd love for you to share what works best for you:

  1. The .htaccess and .htpasswd combo (obviously make sure your server is capable of handling these types of files first)
  2. Passwording your site directly through your server's Cpanel -- click on the Web Protect (or similar) icon and follow directions
  3. Using software with cookie-password protection in php -- this web company offers a free version of their software
  4. Scripty Goddess has a restricted post tutorial for Movable Type blogs -- you can see an update on the hack here (this method will password protect certain, but not all, posts on your blog)
Again, if you have other recommendations not listed here -- or better links than the ones I've already given, please speak up and leave them in the comments! Thanks.

UPDATE: Here's another javascript option just mentioned in the comments -- Gatekeeper Password Protection. And yet another script to request access.
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It's in the photograph...
It sounds like the photo (and I guess blog story with me) are out there now. If anyone happens to catch either of them, PLEASE pass 'em along! There's a chance our local papers won't carry the wire story. Thank you!

UPDATE: Here's the article, and here's the photo -- and my commentary on it. Annessa gets featured in this article, too! And check the comments, as several wire services have picked it up now and what's been found is linked there.

UPDATE 2: The article made the St. Petersburg Times as well.
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Are my 15 minutes up yet?
I just spent the last 10 minutes being photographed by an AP photographer. Kinda surreal. A blogging article, separate from this one, should be running this coming Monday in papers. If anyone happens to catch it online or in print, please give me the heads-up. It depends on which papers choose to run it as to where it will appear.

Thanks! -R

UPDATE: Here's the article, sans photo -- and my commentary on it. Annessa gets featured in this article, too!
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Man's best friend
We saw this story on the local news last night, and both took turns hugging Claire repeatedly. A dog (now) named Quentin was put in a Missouri gas chamber to be euthanized with other unwanted/unclaimed dogs, but when the door was opened following the gas, it stood there very much alive. Because of the divine intervention, the dog has now been taken to a local no-kill shelter, is doing just fine, and has several people wanting to adopt it. Please -- spay or neuter your pets if you haven't already. Little Quentin was very much the lucky one in this daily scenario repeated all over the country. Unfortunately not all shelters are no-kill.
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Banned in the U.S.A.
I recently learned that my blog has been blocked by the Florida Seminole County Government. My mission here is complete.
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But I want is to be left alone in my average home
Is blogging changing? I noticed Erika is thinking of going passworded. Jen also adds her 2¢ on the issue. I've received several e-mails lately asking about passwording (how I do it, do I regret it, would I recommend it, etc.) The answers, in order, are with cookie-password protection in php - absolutely not - most definitely 'yes!'.

Do you have a passworded blog? If not, have you thought of starting one? As blogging continues to grow more and more in popularity, I fully expect to see the number of locked-journals increase. "Words are weapons - sharper than knives." And they can, and will, be used against you. Sometimes even by people you know well and believe in. Trust me on this. When even the anonymous bloggers start to have spin-off passworded sites now, it's time to sit down and re-examine the medium and how much you share is too much, and just when to share it, IMHO.

Because I seriously doubt I'll share my politics - or our misfortunes - here again.
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Hey, Mr. Postman!
Huge thanks go out to Quinn -- I just opened up the front door to find No Doubt's "Return of Saturn" -and- "The Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers" by Scott Kelby. The book is something I've long-lusted for after seeing it recommended at Dawn's -- it's very much going to come in handy. And I lost my copy of that CD awhile back, so I'm very happy to have it back in my greedy little hands. I was glad to help -- but random acts of kindness like this just make my day. THANK YOU!
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D'oh! I guess it's somewhat fitting that I just accidentally left my own 25,000th comment at ATPTB -- because hey, when it's replying about Chrissy Smith, and making fun of the 'whorns, it can't be all bad! So I'll just have to give the honors out to Kevin instead, who was theeeees close at #24,999 (and also at #25,001). Thanks to everyone who has never been afraid to say 'hi'! Keep 'em comin'...
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S-A-T-U-R    D-A-Y!
What are you doing trying to read me today? There's a Blogathon going on! Now go on, scoot... I'll catch ya' on the flip-side!
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Gonna drink Barcardi like it's your birf-day
I just realized that yesterday was the one-year anniversary of when I started using tampatantrum.com, instead of the perma-borrowed blogblogbaby.com. Many would say it's all been downhill ever since, but that's just the way I like it. Much less energy required... So come give me a hug.
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One blog at a time
Breaking my silence somewhat temporarily to welcome an old college friend of ours to blogging...ARBlog. He loves the Sooners as much as I do. So you have been warned...

P.S. Can you smell the pigskin in the air? Ahhhhhh.
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It doesn’t have to be like that
The old quote, "Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated...", very much applies here right now. I've received several kind e-mails expressing regret over seeing me go and giving up this blog. I guess I should set the record straight that I haven't 'gone' anywhere. Yes, I'm taking a break -- but that's pretty much it. I must confess like any knee-jerk human reaction when under constant fire, the desire to chuck it all did cross my mind. And I came about theeees close to doing so. In fact, if there had been a ceremonial-blog-goodbye offered off the top of the Skyway Bridge, I would have been first in line. But then survival instinct usually kicks in and you evaluate just who is allowed to do just what in your life. And the only person with the right to take this space away from me is, well, me.

I will admit some of the things I've read about me online have made my toes curl. I will also admit I haven't read it all and don't intend to start. So there's no need to pass along links... There gets a point where you just see so much, that your mind steels, and that old "I'm rubber, you're glue" adage comes into play. Especially appropriate given most of the attacks I've read to date would be better used in the lower educational system.

And please don't expect me to return in kind around here. That's just not my style. Although I don't always believe turning the other cheek is appropriate in life, in this instance, I think it just may be. What would I accomplish by stooping to their level and multi-posting and repeat-commenting across the blogisphere, other than to offer up more divisiveness -- which is what many claim got us in this mess to begin with. I refuse to lower myself to type out some of the very same things I've seen attached with my name, no matter how I may feel deep down. So if you're here for the 'show', please move along. There's nothing to see here...

I've never claimed I was perfect. I never claimed that every decision I've ever made has been the right one. Or one that you would - or should - make the same choices yourself if suddenly found in my position. "I stumble and fall, baby I do it all...I'm only human on the inside..." I've put the lyrics up before, and they're just as true today as they were then. I think you have to go through life doing the best you can with what you're given. Sometimes that even means taking a hardline "I've had enough" approach and, gasp, acting like a bitch. Unfortunately some people don't seem to realize or care when they've crossed that line from "bitch" to "vindictive witch who can't let go and just move on". When one truly takes a step back and examines the real injustices of this world, I fail to see where the demise of an online acquaintanceship over opposing views really ranks right up there in the grand scheme of things. Or warrants any of the public animosity repeatedly displayed.

I've definitely seen some of the worst of human nature this week. But just as with the yin and the yang, I've also seen the best and an abundance of kindness. That's what makes me want to continue to get up and do this every day. Well, soon at least...

So don't go tap-dancing on my grave just yet. You won't be getting rid of me that easily. Bruises heal and time helps you forget. In the meantime, I plan to continue enjoying that fantabulous thing called 'real life'. I highly suggest trying it sometime... Thanks again to everyone who has written! -Robyn

UPDATE: I've been blogging 23 months now. I've had 24,259 comments to date. And I've only went over the individual's head that left the e-mails and comments from the workplace once. 1:24,259:23. Yes, I very much see a pattern here. You? Maybe, just maybe, there was more to it than you ever saw. Stop and think about that for awhile.

UPDATE 2: I've brought the archive pages and syndication feeds back, for now at least. I set a few posts to draft that I no longer want to deal with the traffic from... Again, my blog - my rules. Thanks for understanding!

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Wisdom for the ages
"We need to start again. We need to stop saying how wonderful things are. We need to openly, truthfully and respectfully admit that the internet itself, in almost all of what's been done with it, is shit."

(Link via the husband and Sensible Erection.)
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I think a change'll do you good
Admin note: This blog is now running the new Scripty Goddess Comment Queue Script/MT Hack. All comments made on this site will now be pre-approved by moi before being made public. My blog. My rules. Quite frankly, I'm sick of the trolls... So don't panic if your comment doesn't show up immediately. I'll get them all added in just as soon as I can! Just file this one under "it's about damn time".
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Too legit...too legit to quit
Get devoured I choose to abuse, misuse and confuse
Competitors who think they're makin' up all the rules, fools
In the game lame and insane it's a shame I gotta do this but
I remain the same unchanged gettin' better never known
As a sweater kickin' it at the top cause I got myself together...

Hey, hey!
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Smack my bitch up
Just a quick reminder as the "not as big as they claimed small-name-site hackfest" has kicked off...back up those sites! Because legit-threat or not this time around, it could be you the next... (Reminders via Venomous Kate and suburban blight.)
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Idle Chat...ter
Seen over at Mr. Pirillo's...BlogChatter..."real-time weblog aggregation".

BlogChatter is a window into weblog activity right now, at this moment. It is a real-time event stream of weblog updates, similar to the data provided by weblogs.com, without polling or a static data format. Pings to BlogChatter are displayed instantly the moment they are received, and only persisted in memory for no longer than 30 seconds. [link]

No matter where you go, there you are.
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Smashing orangey bits
A quick, HUGE note of thanks to Sonia over at Alive and Bloggin across the pond. I joked about getting hooked up with Jaffa Cakes over at her blog recently -- and she just sent a HUGE box full of 'em, and Jaffa Cake Bars (I didn't even know existed). Talk about being in heaven! Let the rationing begin... Thank you SO much, Sonia!
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Letters...we get stacks and stacks of letters...

From: Butturmytoast@aol.com
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 9:32 PM
To: robyn@whollymatrimony.com
Subject: Help -- I Broke the Internet

your stupid


From: robyn@whollymatrimony.com
Sent: Tue 7/1/2003 9:57 PM
To: Butturmytoast@aol.com
Subject: Help -- I Broke the Internet

And your point is exactly?

From: Butturmytoast@aol.com
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 9:59 PM
To: robyn@whollymatrimony.com
Subject: Re: Help -- I Broke the Internet

you just are

From: robyn@whollymatrimony.com
Sent: Tue 7/1/2003 10:09 PM
To: Butturmytoast@aol.com
Subject: Help -- I Broke the Internet

I can live with that.

Well I'm so glad we could clear that one up now -- aren't you?
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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
Is it just me, or when rating your most influential blogs...is it considered tacky to list your own blog as #1? Or is that only after Labor Day? I always forget the rule...
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She's my Yankee Doodle joy
Feeling patriotic as the Fourth rapidly approaches? Don't forget I have a freeware blog template and graphics for your viewing pleasure. Again, don't say I never gave you nuthin'.
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You suck. You suck. You suck.
=e= has been kind enough to point out that this is "International Heckling Day". Do me proud... If only there were also feats of strength like during Festivus!
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Why didn't someone tell me it's all been a big fucking popularity contest all along? I'd have put out or something... Sheesh.
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Keep it simple
Just seen over at Kevin's...Simpletracks, a universal TrackBack client...

Allows you to manually ping (send a TrackBack) to any weblog or service that accepts TrackBacks. Simply tell it the TrackBack URL you want to ping and fill in your URL, the entry name, and an excerpt.
Read more about Simpletracks at Kalsey Consulting Group.

UPDATE: Here's another similar option to file for future reference courtesy of another Kevin -- StandAlone TrackBack Form.
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Make this world a better place if you can
More blogger fundraisers to link -- let me know in the comments if you have one you'd like to add to the list for the $359 donation from the Blogger-Boobie-Thon '03.

  1. Bay Area Angel Adventure for the National Brain Tumor Foundation (she needs to hit her goal by this weekend)
  2. Walking for a Reason -- 60 miles for breast cancer
  3. Team in Training -- Suzy Insidious is participating
  4. AIDS Marathon -- NegroPleaseDotCom is participating
Kudos and best wishes to everyone on their fundraising events!
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This will be on the midterm
In case you've been under a rock (or rather under a b'ankie like me) the past few days, and need a quick recap of what's been going on in the blogisphere, well then Venomous Kate has a good one...
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The weekend that keeps on giving
It seems our Friday the 13th didn't stop on Friday. I woke up sick as a dog in the middle of the night early Saturday morning. I ended up in the ER for about 9 hours (we got home after 2 p.m. yesterday). Seems I was the lucky recipient of acute gastroenteritis going down the Eastern seaboard... I have a lovely set of bruises down my left arm as a souvenir since it took no less than four tries to get the IV in.

Then today, a lightning strike hit close enough to our house to take out, of all things, our water pressure -- fry our caller ID box -- and meltdown our router. Only one computer can get online now, and for a few hours, even that was looking iffy. I'm sure I have a few design clients who want my head on a pike right now, and if you haven't heard from me or haven't been able to get ahold of me, that's why. Now if you'll please excuse me...I have a date with the couch... I'm doing fine. Just weak as hell. Thank god tomorrow starts a new week!

UPDATE: Well we just learned a water-main broke in the storm, hence the water-pressure problems. At least I don't have the monkeypox, I guess...
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Oh no she di'un't!
It's time to polish up the tiara again. Let's get ready to ruuuuuumble! I'd better not break a nail, or I do believe this means war.
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And never, ever let you forget you're a man
I point you towards my comment of the day. Go on, top it. I dare you...
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Iff'n it's free, it's for me
Here's a series of "quick tips for new bloggers" that you don't gotta pay for. Eleven of 'em. Go crazy, kids. (Link swiped from Venomous Kate.)
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You're pre-approved!
Here's a wonderful new MT hack from the Scripty Goddesses -- comment pending queue. If you've been plagued by comment-trolls, or just want more control over your comments, this script allows your comments to be pending rather than instantly published. You can login, view, edit, delete and approve comments before they're made public. Go here for more information.
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Found over at Solonor's (who I'd best link again or I'm in trouble)...apparently today is "Tag Tuesday" in the blogging world.   UPDATE: Praise Solonor!
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Brother, can you spare a dime?
Two more blogger-fundraising projects to add to the $359 blogger-purse this year...

  1. Memory Walk 2003 for Alzheimer's
  2. American Cancer Society Relay for Life
If you know of any other projects, please pass them along! -Robyn
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Do you want more money? Sure! We all do!
Back at the end of December, I blogged about Andrew Sullivan begging for cash to run his blog. In one week, he raised $79,020. Yep, that's right -- SEVENTY NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS and some change. His "salary" for blogging, if you will.

But apparently, that's no longer good enough. Less than six months later, he's at it again. Michele gives a side-by-side comparison of why her blog gives more bang for the buck than Andrew's. I couldn't agree with her more.

Poor Andrew posts around the clock, seven days a week. Me, too. Poor Andrew has an overflowing inbox. Me, too. Poor Andrew doesn't have a regular income. Me, too. Poor Andrew has massive bandwidth usage. Shocker -- me, too. But "Poor Andrew" also made more in the last six months with his last little fundraiser than we both make in a year combined.

"I need a salary of sorts." Don't we all brother. Don't we all...

Might I suggest nixing the fundraiser and just moving over to Hosting Matters like the rest of us, Mr. Sullivan. They can offer customized hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth -- even dedicated servers -- and I can personally guarantee you that you won't need 4000 subscribers at $20/pop to pay for one. Skip a dinner at Olive Garden each month, and you're covered. Seriously.

Dumbass. Oh crap. I said that outloud again. Bad Robyn! Bad, bad!
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Bad cop
Chris Pirillo and Lockergnome have released a guide called "Blog Traffic School".

"Chris Pirillo shows you, in 10 quick steps, the fastest, easiest way to build traffic to your blog, involve your community, post efficiently, get known for your blog's quirks, how to handle complaints and more..."
You'll even find a quote by yours-truly inside. What are you waiting for? Chop, chop!
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Guess who's back? Back again...
Mikey's back. Tell a friend!
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They're the people that you meet each day
Deep thought of the day: "How big is the Blogiverse?"

I'm not sure, but since I am its Princess™, perhaps I should look into it a little further. Maybe if everyone graffitied this entry's comments with "_____ was here" for a quick head-count? You know, strictly for "research purposes"...
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I ain't sayin' a word. Not one single word.
*cough* Sidebar. Blogroll. *cough*
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Gonna dress you up in my love
I didn't realize you could apply your CafePress store credits ("CafeCash") toward their merchandise until today -- so I finally got around to ordering one of my blog tees. This order came with a $5 off coupon on new $20 or more purchases from any of their stores, so the first person to e-mail me gets it. And please...only write if you plan on using it! It expires today -- May 29, 2003.

UPDATE: I met another...and poof!...it was gone!
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Enjoy the silence?
Good thing I decided to take a break today, huh... The 'net done went and exploded on us. (More info about Wednesday's meltdown can be found here and here.)
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She's got the cutest little baby face
Kevin just passed along this photo of my youngest fan -- his new niece who just happens to live right here in Tampa Bay. All together now...awwwww!
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What's a girl gotta do?
Trash, princess, whore, and now twit (no link for your "15 minutes" this time, sorry).....but I won't feel I've really arrived 'til I get diva, dammit!
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The bitch is back
I loves me some bitch blogs...welcome Catty Bitches to the alley! (I'm not a participant there, by the way. Just a bitchified reader.)
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Go white boy, go white boy, go!
Is it just me, or is there something really wrong with the way the world works when bloggers are able to raise only $1251.00 for breast cancer -- but bloggers can raise over $4000 for a high school doofus embarrassed that his light sabre choreography video circled the 'net without his knowledge or permission? I mean, don't get me wrong. I feel for the kid and all. Really I do. But $4K+ for a little teen angst? C'mon. I lived in a dorm full of geeks in college, and the most we ever got was a free t-shirt with a Visa application.
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Keep rollin', rollin', rollin'...
Just a quick note that I've added a reciprocal-Blogroll over to the sidebar. But if you're one of the people still linking to blogblogbaby.com (tisk, tisk, tisk) you're not going to show up over there. So please update your links to tampatantrum.com!

K, thx.
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What's your definition of dirty, baby
Via Yvonne and Statia -- blogasm.org, a new group-blog about sex. And if you still want more, more, MORE ... also visit dirtyquestions.com.
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We wear short shorts
Your own
Jesus ( jesus )

Someone to wash your car
And mow your lawn.....
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What's the name of the game?
Not playing that other blog-game, but still want in on a little faux-money making action? Check out The Popdex Game (in beta).

You have 10 "chips" per day to wager on links that you believe will go up in the Popdex rankings (based on PopScore) within the next 48 hours.....You may select between 1 and 10 URLs per day, using some or all of your daily chips. Daily chips do not roll over.
Visit the rules page for more info.
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Psychic or psychotic...your call...
You probably know by now that every index page on my server was pretty much hacked last night -- Blogomania and Hosting Matters clients alike. Thank god they just overwrote index.html pages and didn't delete files. But if you were putting off taking this advice -- do it. It might be you the next time...
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Oh, and next Friday...is Hawaiian shirt day...

ahhhh shuddup

Fifteen glorious pages of thread/comment-stoppers. So don't say I never gave ya' nuthin'... (You can find even more, from a different site, here.)
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New York state of mind
Zuly just passed along this NY Times article on bloggers by the same reporter that interviewed me early this month. (I'm not mentioned in it.) I don't see anyone I know that was interviewed mentioned, actually. Of course, that could be because we're all married -- and the spin on this article seems to be dating now. It's a good read, nonetheless. How much is too much to share... Check it out.
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Laissez les bon temps rouléz
Admin FYI: I've added the Gnomedex Blogroll (aka Gnomeroll) as a pop-up over in my sidebar's "la la love you" section on the default Mae skin.
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Ctrl + Alt + Oh shit
Time for another reminder to back those MT blogs up. In case you missed it, Jason got hacked this week, and all of his blogs were deleted and the archives were destroyed. He's having to start over from scratch...

From an earlier reminder of mine: Go to your "import/export" tab in the left menu and do an export of your blog. The directions are at the very bottom of the page. This will help you save a file of your blog entries, and all of its comments, through the time of export. If you have to install a new copy of MT from scratch after a database crash, you can run the export file you've just made through the import feature, and regain all of your past contents and comments (up to the date saved in export) immediately.

There's also an easy way to back up all of your templates for safe-keeping from "the girlie matters". Better to be safe than sorry!
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You have the right to...
Ok, I'm literally like the last person on the planet now to make a blog CafePress shop. I've always had one for bachelorette parties at WM! But last night I thought of a shirt I actually wanted myself, so I made it. Feel free to stop by and buy a dozen for your closest friends and acquaintances...now you can rub me all over your chest...
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Too much time on my hands
It's a blog-related "not necessarily the news" wrap-up:

  1. Oh happy day. "Dancing Barefoot" has finally been released. Thank goodness I have an anniversary coming up in a few weeks.
  2. As of this entry, my main blogroll has been displayed 564,106 times. I Jason.
  3. Blogging is the new pet rock of the '00s.
  4. Don't care what you heard. Wasn't me.
  5. Desperately seeking like-minded people. Longwhorns need not apply. (Well, except for Zuly, I guess.)
And now...your moment of zen...
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Blogging for Blondes - Issue #437
I swear, it's getting harder and harder to leave a comment around the blogisphere these days. Everyone plays around with their "post", "preview" and "cancel" buttons to where the real meaning is almost unrecognizable to someone with my shade of hair color. Granted, my own comment buttons are a spin on a No Doubt song -- but I think "speak" and "don't" pretty much 'splain it upfront. I can't count the number of times I've went to post a comment lately and picked the wrong choice only to have my comment go "poof!" in a cloud of dust and broken glass. Am I the only one? Seriously, if you're gonna be a cute an unique with your sayings -- make sure the rest of us have read the book first, ok? Thx.
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I hear the secrets that you keep when you're talking in your sleep
I swear Todd slipped some crack in my water last night, because I had the strangest dreams. Really vivid -- involving things like stealing Select Comfort bedding and running around all over town trying to buy Grey Goose vodka (which I rarely drink, I'm a rum girl). I don't even think the Swoon Dream Interpreter has a prayer of analyzing these.
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Thank you.
We've received an enormous amount of well-wishes both here and in e-mail and e-cards this weekend. Even a few via snail-mail. I just wanted to say thank you. The support we've gotten was incredible. And it will never be forgotten. Ever. I'm behind on e-mail, but hope to thank everyone who's sent a note personally very soon. -Robyn and Todd
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Kiss my entire, 36" white as snow ass
If you've ever wondered just exactly why I took part of my blog to sooner-born.com and made it private and passworded, you only need to look to Jesus. Todd took me out today because I just needed out of here -- anywhere. And I come back after my brief escape in the real world to find that my comments were spammed by some mindless twit (who most likely used a public computer to post the drivel -- IP And guess what. That just happens to be a Seattle IP. Now I'm no mathematician, but it doesn't take a National Merit Scholar to figure it out...

I'm not going to leave them all up (across ten total entries in 2003 and 2002), because quite frankly, that's my prerogative. <cue Bobby Brown> But in the future just in case someone wants to know why I decided to go private -- I'm pointing you right back here to this comment left the day before Mother's Day -- right after my miscarriage. This is just one of dozens of similar e-mails, comments and blog entries I've received in recent months -- and that's when I finally decided the only one that had a right to my life was me and pulled the plug. To quote my other site, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

If you think comments like that are going to break me, you've got another thing coming. You see, there's this thing called real life. It doesn't involve a power supply, keyboard or monitor. And it's done a fine enough job of kicking my ass this year without your help. Thank you. Drive through. And don't forget the special sauce. -Robyn
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À la peanut butter sandwiches!

[fun with numbers]

Hey Mikey, they like it! Sammiches are #44 on Popdex with a bullet! Did you miss out yesterday? It's not too late -- I saved you some!
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Hey guess what!
I ate a sammich today.
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It's in the game
Heads-up. If you're experiencing symptoms of Todd-withdrawal, he'll be writing online again soon. But there's a catch... It's gonna be sports related. My favorite Sooner will be representin' the Big XII over at Fanblogs.com.

Fanblogs.com is a group weblog dedicated to college football. This effort is the brainchild of a couple of guys who really love football (and beer). They gathered up some people, who told some people, who invited a few people along. The result is a collective blog for fans who know that week isn't over until you've posted about the big games, and the little games, and the practices, and the cheerleaders, and the tailgating, and...I think you get the picture. [link]

Be there or be !

UPDATE: You can now find Todd's first entry here.
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What a surreal afternoon I've had. Expecting to edit graphics all day, instead I received a quick e-mail, and was then phone-interviewed shortly thereafter, by Warren St. John of the New York Times about blogging. I think the spin on my section one line of the story was basically my decision to take part of my blog private after my miscarriage -- and just what is, and is not, off-limits to me as a blogger now.

Those who know me well know that I rarely, if ever, talk on the phone because I just don't feel like I converse well without visual cues when I'm speaking with others (a symptom commonly referred to as "brainfog") -- so what actually makes it to print should be interesting. I'm sure it will be something along the lines of, "Oh, Lisa, you and your stories. Bart's a vampire. Beer kills brain cells. Now let's go back to that ... building ... thingie ... where our beds and TV ... is."

The reporter also interviewed Todd at work (after talking to me) about how he feels about the things I write, and also touched briefly on the reasons why Todd quit blogging. If that portion of their interview makes it to print, I'd like to say in advance that: "The views of Robyn's husband do not necessarily reflect the views of his wife and Ain't Too Proud to Blog". Heh. Let's just say he was experiencing severe burnout when he decided to hang up his mouse.

Now all I have left to do for total pop-culture domination is get my picture on the cover of the Rollin' Stone, I guess...
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Wiki Waki
I've been seeing the term "Wiki" everywhere lately, and Kristine has a new project helping launch one for the MT world. Welcome MT Wiki:

A Wiki is a set of pages that let visitors share their knowledge in a collaborative format. This Wiki is dedicated to helping users of MovableType, a content management system.

This is a place to add tips, tricks, instructions, and definitions. Topics are editable so everyone can add to them. [link]

Best of wishes to the new Virtual Venus gang!

UPDATE: Also from Kristine, word of two new desktop clients made specifically with MT in mind. Kristine recommends Zempt, and in her comments Doc suggests SharpMT.
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May I have your attention please...
Because our DSL was out this weekend, it also meant my e-mail got backed up even further post-vacation. Late but not forgotten, please turn your (belated) attention toward Childhood Stroke Awareness Day 2003. Visit "in nancy's book" for more information. I can only hope to be half the mother she is to Kayla one day! Sorry I'm late, Nancy!
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Things I missed while on vacation
Pay attention, because the following will appear on the final exam:

  1. Free Moblogging from your cell phone
  2. Metapop -- a collaborative weblog
  3. Web Fire Escape -- allow readers of weblogs to instantly replace a Web Fire Escape equipped blog with an alternate work-safe site or application (added above Blogroll)
  4. The blogging evolution exam -- like a purity test, but not (I scored a 44)
  5. FeedDemon -- coming soon to an RSS addict near you
Did I miss something? Just let me know in the Cliff's Notes!
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Thank you for bein' a friend

I had a pretty crappy start to my day yesterday all things considered, so what did I wake up to today...but these gorgeous flowers "just because" from Susan. And as if that wasn't enough to make my disposition sunny, I also got two Audrey Hepburn magazines from Lisa for having her 1500th comment. I'd have to say it was a good day. Thanks guys! -Robyn
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In 200 words or less...

[Blogging Cliffs Notes]

This worked out great the last time I tried it, so I thought I'd do it again...

Since I've been away from blogging for a week -- what's an entry you've left since last Friday that I probably missed but shouldn't have? Leave a link and brief summary in the comments please so we can all check it out! And we thank you for your support.
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And I want to thank you...
I have a few public notes of thanks to pass along, so please indulge me for a second. First off, a very belated thank you to Tam for the Rivers Cuomo / Weezer article she mailed me! I missed that one, and was thrilled to get it. Also thanks go out to Pete for the signed Derrick Brooks rookie / draft card that arrived while we were gone. Very cool -- we both really appreciate it! Last but not least, special thanks go out to JE and Dori for her "Race for the Cure" shirt. They look great!

And also a quick note of appreciation to everyone who left notes from the Love-In last Friday. I'm sorry I missed participating in it, but they were very nice to go through on vacation! Hopefully I'll be able to get things back to "normal" around here soon...
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She's the sheriff

[buh bye]

[Just call her Sheriff Statia]
While I'm not moseyin' around these-there parts, Statia is going to be the new sheriff in town. This means she'll be monitoring my comments and such and making sure this here's a friendly environment. Tip your hats accordingly and y'all be nice to her, ya' hear?
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No, not just for some but for everyone...
I'm filing both of these away for future reference regarding the "bloggers helping bloggers fund" portion of this year's Boobie-Thon proceeds (please don't vote now -- that will come later in September):

  1. helpkat.com: "I am asking for help while I get the necessary treatments and possible surgery for my back. I have scoliosis and it has taken a turn (no pun intended) for the worse."
  2. chuckpierce.com/ring/: "I am a single father who wants to give the best woman in the world a Diamond and marry her."
If you know of any others, please pass them along so I can add them to the file... The cause selected will receive $359.00 (assuming that amount is raised, of course). -Robyn
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Will work for bandwidth
The Movable Type team has expanded Six Apart into TypePad -- "an upcoming hosted service providing powerful tools for creating full-featured weblogs". You can signup at the site to receive more information. Someday we can all say we knew them when... Seems just like yesterday I was reading about Movable Type, pre-release, at Dawn's! Greymatter feels like another lifetime ago, and I've never looked back. Good luck everyone!
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You won't have Dick to kick around anymore
Yeah, yeah. He goes through phases. I have no control over them, or him. What can I say...

So don't yell at me over his decision, capiche? I just keep 'im around for the fine bootay and clean close shave.
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I'm a no-good, filthy dirty whore
Just so we've got that straight... If you're going to spam my comments with the same IP but different names, at least be a little more original. Really. That one is tired. It's run its course. And just in case you're stuck, here's a thesaurus.

I've mentioned this to those close to me -- but since I've gotten so many "when's the Boobie-Thon II" queries this week -- I'll just put it all right out here in the open this very moment. In answer to the main question, this October, to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness month.

But let me sidebar for a moment... The only way. And I repeat the only way I will host and coordinate this as an annual event is if it retains the original spirit of the first Boobie-Thon. What's that mean? Not only is it bloggers for charity, it's also going to be bloggers helping their own. We're a community, and part of being in a community is looking out for one another and supporting each other when times get tough. So $359.00 of the money raised this year (the price of Statia's plane ticket last year) will be going to a blogger "charity". What "charity" you might ask? Well when the time comes I'll try to gather as many different bloggers as I can from different walks of life and form a panel. The panel will take submissions from various bloggers pointing out causes needing funds. This could be anything from charity events, medical expenses, natural disaster expenses, you name it...we'll accept applications for it... I don't even have to know the people and projects being submitted. It just has to be something from the blogging community. Because I'm not licensed or funded we obviously won't be able to launch full-scale fraud investigations -- so we'll be relying on that thing called trust, gut instinct, and the old-fashioned honor system. As the time draws nearer, I'll be relying on everyone's advice and help to work the kinks out. Every other penny raised beyond the first $359 will go to Susan G. Komen. Last year we sent the Foundation $1251.00.

Let me make it clear that I flat-out refuse to donate my time and effort unless the spirit of the original "contest" lives on. I have taken flak from here to Oklahoma and back on raising money for friends. Well I'm sorry, but when my friends are in need -- that's what I do. And I'll continue to do it again this year. That is, if you're all in... See you in October!

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That's the way, un huh un huh, I like it
Y'know, I am so sick and tired -- as a designer -- of petty little shits expecting each and every site to look their way. Or else. Just because you like to read the web at a 1600x1200 resolution with four tiled browser windows open at once, does not mean the rest of the web lives in your little world. In fact, you know what -- less than 3% of my site viewers are at that resolution. I personally think Times New Roman at 14-pt looks like ass. For crimeny's sake people, CNN uses Arial! Stacy did a fabulous job with The Command Post. In my opinion, this design just kicked it up another notch and took it from "great resource" to "professional resource". Maybe I've just spent one too many weeks designing for warbloggers -- and yes, they pay the bills -- and no, I probably shouldn't be saying this in a place they can find it. But I'm freakin' tired of "change it to my way or no way" from every person that comments on the design once it goes live. EACH of them has their own special little list -- and each of them expects it to be met or they're turning tail and leaving. So guess what. Go. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, you whiny little brats. Pick up your expensive play toys and keep on surfin'.

The following was sent to a critic of a design I did over the weekend. I think it's worth passing along...

Any design that I do for a client (read: not myself) has to be optimized for 800x600 viewers. Has to be -- no exceptions. About 25% of web surfers still use that resolution. If you view <insert name here's> site at that resolution, there is absolutely no extra space on either side of the main column. And in the design I did -- it's really a "fixed pixel" kinda deal, so doing percentages to tie up the whole browser based on viewing size aren't an option either. It would throw off the rest of the design as the site scaled up and down accordingly. In most blogs that we design for Sekimori, we use a hard-fixed pixel design, because they are optimized for most browsers. It's virtually impossible to code for IE (5.5, 6.0 and Mac), Mozilla, Opera, Netscape, Safari...etc...and keep everyone happy. So if you can force a design to stay the same in most if not all of the above, you do so. And I did.

Just as you would complain about a design being too "narrow" for your tastes viewing at 1600 wide, <insert name here> would receive an onslaught of mail complaining about the opposite from the 800 viewers if it were any wider and they had to scroll. For instance, in my own stats -- I have 53.29% of my viewers in 1024x768, 25.62% of my viewers at 800x600, and only 2.48% (less than three percent) in 1600x1200. I'd rather have three people out of 100 complain, than twenty-five. And that said, my current default skin has a slight scroll on 800x600. I created a second, scaled-down version of that Mae West design for the 800 crowd. I made myself happy first, because I'm allowed to do so at my own site -- while creating another option to keep others from yelling at me as well.

But you can't make everyone happy. You just can't.

<steps down from soapbox>
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A quick follow-up to this entry: dave takes the 5000th comment for 2003 with this comment last night! At least I'm not the only one who never shuts up...
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It's not the size of your blog...
Well it looks like the Blogger Boobie-Thon is finally getting a run for its money. Now we have "the penis blog project". (WARNING: Link so not very work safe!)

But don't expect to see my Dick over there any time soon. No. Seriously...
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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
I just realized that Zaldor gets the honor of having left the 20,000th comment at my blog last week. Let's give it up for Michigan! And just 111 comments to go 'til we reach the 5,000th comment for 2003. Practice makes perfect...
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If it's free, it's for me!

[click to see template in action

Statia has a bitchin' new patriotic design, which reminded me of an old template I used to have on my blog after 9/11. She suggested I recycle it and put it up as shareware -- so after a few tweaks, it's now ready to go. You can see it in action over at Kitty's blog on a temp page. Please note that it was designed to work with Movable Type (it's ready to go as your index.html file) -- but it can be modified for other blog software at your own discretion.

If you decide you want it and just can't live without it, right-click here to download the zip file with the images, HTML, and instructions.

Leave me a ping or a note if you use it so I can go see! Thanks!

UPDATE (9:25 PM EDT): I changed one line of code for the comment pop-ups in MT on "template_code.txt". If you've previously downloaded the above .zip file this evening (since updated), you can get the updated version of "template_code.txt" here.
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Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
Ok, we're still missing the following states: Arkansas, Delaware, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Washington D.C., Wyoming

So if you're from  ____________  and you know it, clap your hands!
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License to ill
I have seriously never had this happen before. A comment was left with bad HTML, and when I noticed it via e-mail and went to clear it up in MT, it was GONE. The whole entry. Not in my database at all. And just that entry. I lost the whole license plate thread with 91 comments and 25 TrackBacks. I still have the images for the page, but with it not being in my MT database, you can no longer comment on it there. Sorry about that!

I've been cleaning up HTML for people all day. Please, please please -- if you're going to leave it -- know how to use it! And if you don't know how to use it, just ask me. I'll be happy to help. This is no one's fault in particular as it could have happened on about half of the license plate comments I've received today. But...time to start fresh... So if you haven't got yours in yet, I morphed it with the state/country tally list entry:

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Think about direction, wonder why you haven't before
[Florida Sooner] Most of you have probably played the "spot the license plate" travel game -- where you count the number of cars from different states as you drive along down the highway. Well today I thought we could play "spot the commenter". But you have to turn your own self in. With over 13,000 hits last week I'm left wondering where some of you are dropping by from. So go grab a license plate, or a state flag, or even an international flag and show your colors. Represent!

Please note: The original entry with 91 comments and 25 TrackBacks was eaten when a bad comment went through. I have the images for the page here, but it is no longer in my MT database. If you wish to leave your license plate, please do so on this entry now.

A quick rundown of all the states / countries represented thus far. Is yours there yet?

U.S. States:
  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Arizona
  4. California
  5. Colorado
  6. Connecticut
  7. Florida
  8. Georgia
  9. Hawaii
  10. Idaho
  11. Iowa
  12. Illinois
  13. Indiana
  14. Kansas
  15. Kentucky
  16. Louisiana
  17. Maine
  18. Maryland
  19. Massachusetts
  20. Michigan
  21. Minnesota
  22. Mississippi
  23. Missouri
  24. Nebraska
  25. Nevada
  26. New Hampshire
  27. New Jersey
  28. New York
  29. North Carolina
  30. Ohio
  31. Oklahoma
  32. Oregon
  33. Pennsylvania
  34. Rhode Island
  35. South Carolina
  36. South Dakota
  37. Tennessee
  38. Texas
  39. Utah
  40. Vermont
  41. Virginia
  42. Washington
  43. Washington D.C.
  44. West Virginia
  45. Wisconsin

  1. Australia
  2. Bermuda
  3. Canada
       British Columbia
       New Brunswick
       Nova Scotia
  4. Denmark
  5. Dominican Republic
  6. Germany
  7. Japan
  8. Malaysia
  9. New Zealand
  10. Philippines
  11. Portugal
  12. South Africa
  13. UK

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No. More. Words.
Ouch, baby. Very ouch.* (*Please note the preceding comment was lifted from Austin Powers.)

I guess this would also be a good time to quote Stacy and say, "I just work here."

UPDATE: Here's the MeFi discussion for this topic, linked from the Wired News article above.
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Oh Stimpy -- new Gritty Kitty Cat Litter!
When your friends, sans blogs, constantly send you blogworthy links and photos -- it's time to give them that not-so-gentle nudge and say "it's time". So with the help of a kick-ass template from Tart Graphics, please help me welcome a very Bad Kitty to the block. You may have noticed Kitty's comments here several times in the past. We've been close friends since high school. She also happens to be Todd's cosmic twin (they were born on the same day just hours apart). So drop by and tell her "hi"...another one bites the dust!
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Yes, she-a get mahhhied. Sheesh.
Well slap my ass and call me a polygamist's wife... Apparently I'm now married to Solonor -- and I have two kids. (Screenshot attached in case the post is edited/altered.) Wow. Only one dinner and a tiara and suddenly I'm his. I realize I'm a cheap date and all, but I'm going to have to pay better attention to the 'common law marriage' statutes in this state. Oh well. At least he's not an oily bohunk.
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I see London, I hate France
So Chris has decreed this day "no pants Friday". I guess he doesn't realize that my blog-copyright has been sporting this tagline since day one:

"proudly sitting around the house in my underwear all day since 08.12.2001..."

I always was ahead of my time...

UPDATE: You want proof? You got it! Always bet on blonde.
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More blogs in the press
Just after midnight last night, CNN ran a segment on "NewsNight with Aaron Brown" about warblogging. My husband and Michele apparently made some kind of super-secret deal, forcing me to screen-capture the highlights. So in case you missed it live, go here. Glenn Reynolds of InstaPundit.com, a site that Stacy designed, was interviewed live. They also zoomed in on the author of BuzzMachine using Movable Type.

UPDATE: "Just Say Julie" reviewed the CNN segment here.
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Share and share alike
Found over in the MT Plugin Directory...the BlogShares Plugin. (Download here, instructions here.) Now you can track my worth right over there in the sidebar -- just above my Blogroll!

UPDATE: Found over at Christine's...poeticgeek has made an expanded file to include things like market share and available share if you're interested. I've added the available shares tag to my sidebar since there don't seem to be many/any around right now.
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Heads up! If you wanna piece of me, you'd better strike fast (while it's still cheap). After a tragic drop from $23.50/share to $5.08 $5.18 $5.24 $5.45 $5.61 $5.96 this afternoon, people have started to snap my product up faster than Britney in an Oklahoma head shop. There are only 50 32 26 13 6 0 ('cuz I bought the very last one) available shares left of ATPTB, so buy now! Help me to help you.

UPDATE: They're all gone now. You'll just have to bribe other people with special favors (*cough, Todd, cough*) to sell theirs.
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Got Pirillo?
[April Fool]
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Make blog, not war
I believe it's your duty in a free society, especially in time of war, is to stay informed. That's why you have "The Command Post" on one side of the coin -- and the brand new, just-launched "Blogs Against War" on the other. (Click here for instructions on how to post to the new "Blogs Against War" site.)
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April Fool's!
Well, for those of you who missed all the fun around here earlier today:

[NASCAR fun]

I had a little fun and made the site look like NASCAR.com. Let's just hope they get the joke and don't sue me. (I was smart enough to make sure everything was on my server first.)

Hope everyone is having a mah-vel-ous Fool's Day. You'll notice, my Michael Moore entry was first!
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How much would you pay?
Whoa. Blogshares got all fancified today, courtesy of Simply Delish! Very nice. Don't be a playah-hatah, ok?

UPDATE: Jason just pointed out that the new Blogrolling design is up. *two snaps in a circle* Now, go give 'im some money!
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Butterin' bread
Solonor is so sexy, big and strong... He also gives good blog. *bats eyelashes*

Your Princess

UPDATE: I have good taste in men. My husband is in the top 10!
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I'm gonna be on tel-e-vision

[nbc video] Will of "Weblog Central" just e-mailed me the following:

Hey guys, wanted to make sure you saw that the Nightly News from last night is viewable online. It's the 7th clip.


I'm not sure how to give you a clean link to the video itself. This opens the video but sizes it wrong.


The link will disappear from the Nightly News page in a day probably, but the video should be viewable for a lot longer than that.

So there you go...fifteen more minutes of fame in case you missed it last night! Thanks Will!

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You wanna piece of me?

Listed on BlogShares Just spotted over at Michele's...you can now get a piece of the blog over at Blogshares. My blog is valued at $14,150.86, an outgoing link is worth $619.60 and shares cost a mere $1.60 $1.61 $1.75 $1.78 $1.91. I'm cheap -- but you already knew that. Buy for the children. Elvis would have wanted it that way.

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Look 'ma, I'm on TV (well, sort of)

[Sean Paul] [Sean Paul]

[The Agonist] [Instapundit]

It's not every day a girl gets to see her work on the NBC Nightly News -- one of the sites I designed (as mentioned last night) made it on the air this evening. One of the sites Stacy designed made it on as well. I'd have to say it was a good day...for Sekimori Design!
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When Robyn talks...people listen?

[third best known blog] I forgot to mention... The other day I learned my site is in the "top 3" of the second round of "Best Known Blog" competition over at "Name That Blog". I came in right behind Scripty Goddess (duh!) and Name That Blog's owner. Not too shabby, ey? Now my secret plan is to sneak "Robyn" into every entry and try to bullet to the top! Bwah ha ha!

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Let's play catch-up!
[playing catch-up]
Ok, I know I was only offline for three days -- but it feels like a zillion. So before I head off to bed, I'm going to send out a plea. Leave one blog entry in my comments that you've made since last Thursday, which I might have missed but shouldn't have! Kind of like the Blogging Cliff Notes for Blondes...

Thank you! -R
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I always feel like somebody's watching me
This is as frightening as it is fascinating. How much of what we share blogging is too much?

Savvy Web users are using Google.com and other powerful Web search tools to track down or keep tabs on long-lost acquaintances -- be they former lovers, classmates, friends or enemies. These searches, which once might have required hiring a private detective, have become increasingly easy as the amount of data available on the Web grows. (Read more at CNN.com. Also check out this article at Guardian Unlimited* titled "A blogger is a stalker's dream".)
* Will the person that passed along the Guardian link (included in an entry they wrote) please stand up? I seem to have lost the e-mail -- and I want to link you, too.

I know the way I blogged forever changed when someone started showing up at places and events we mentioned attending in our blogs. You never know just who is out there now -- and later, thanks to search engines.   UPDATE: Check out this entry and comments at Scripty Goddess if you would like to try and prevent Google and other search engines from indexing.
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Famous quotes for $200, Alex
Best quote left here at ATPTB in a long, long time...

"So, Mr. Troll, thank you...I just want you to know that the best part of you ran down your momma's leg..." [link]

Oh yeah, that one is going in the mental file cabinet!
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More than words
How many of us could have written this very same entry as of late? Not quite as well...but we still could have typed it.
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Brother, can you spare a dime
One of my former design clients has lost his grant and has put up a blog accepting donations to keep the project alive. For more information, visit "The Silk Road Journal".
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To catch a thief
You might want to search for your blog in the first URL-search-box here. If it pulls up your blog, and your posts (as it did with both of ours), "anything but ordinary" has directions on how to block them.

Speaking of blocking, I helped Susan set up a 403 error page on her site tonight as well. (More info here.) Guess all the freaks are coming out of their winter hibernation...
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Midnight at the lost and found
When I look through my search engine keyword referrers, sometimes I really have to stop and wonder just what exactly it is that I'm blogging about every day...

  1. small breasts proud
  2. statia nude
  3. why the people hated too much wesley crusher?
  4. shemale vanity pics free
  5. oral sex in high school
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  12. were do boobs come from
  13. professional nipple tweaker
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  19. spankings wearing prom dress before prom
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  21. how to build a penis pump out of crap
  22. right click save as double penetration girl
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  24. naked pics of velma from scooby-doo
  25. there s a woman out that doesnt like me but thinks im really cute by steve age 38 of fullerton
You just can't make this stuff up...
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Orange Crush

[Blogging Terror Alert System] [add me to your blogroll today]

Solonor and I have discovered a sinister terrorist plot brewing within the blog world, and it's time we brought it to your attention. There's only one way to stop these evildoers. You must blogroll me, if you aren't already.

Otherwise, you might as well be typing your entries in French...
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Tell me who are the people in your neighborhood?
I noticed the "BlogStreet Blog Neighborhoods" over at Christine's yesterday. Three guesses who my number one related blog is... It's rigged, I say! Rigged!
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Potpourri for $200, Alex
And there was much rejoicing... I have just successfully transferred the one domain I had left with Network Solutions (back when I was stupid enough to pay them for two years in advance) to another registrar. Hurrah!

If you see something acting funky with any of my secondary pages (like category archives), try resetting your skin. For some reason that seems to fix it. Please let me know if not...

Finally, in my quest to make it "Solonor Friday" around here and also bump up my minion status...the provider of my tiara has blogged about w.bloggar:

w.bloggar is a free application from Marcelo Cabral that tries to make writing blog posts as easy (or as hard) as using Microsoft Word.

The application sits between you and your blog publishing software. It provides a Word-like interface with all the little toolbar buttons for formating text and even has a spell-checker. w.bloggar is compatible with Blogger, b2, Nucleus, BigBlogTool, Blogworks XML, Blogalia, Drupal, and, of course, Movable Type.

So if you hate the Blogger interface...or just want to be a lazy American with any of the other software...there you go.   UPDATE: Bushtit Dot Com has a great w.bloggar review!
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Name that tune

Sending music to our troops stationed overseas
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28 days of hell
By george, I think I've got it! Everywhere you turn, all people are getting is bad news in February 2003. I don't remember a single month like this in my entire life. After reading "My So-Called Life" today, I think I'm onto something...

I propose a new meme. The theme? Oh a girl can dream. While eating ice cream. Whoa. Sorry about that.

Anyhoo, I'm going to be participating in my own idea -- and if you'd like to as well -- after February 28th has rolled off the page, send me a photo of "how did you destroy the February page(s) on your 2003 calendar". I'll post them all here in one place. It can be as simple as a big red "X" over the entire month -- perhaps even an artistic shot with you giving the page the bird. Or the proposed flaming and charred ruins I'm considering (as long as it's up to fire code). Thank heavens this was the shortest month of the year, and not a leap year. That's all I'm sayin'.
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And that is all I have to say about that.
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Move along...there's nothing to see here...
I've removed the content and the comments from this entry*.

Normally it is not my policy to remove all traces of anything of that nature. However, because I got upset at someone I perceived to be bringing in more grief and strife into my blog at a time I had more than enough of that in my personal life -- and then I publicly lashed out at them for doing so, telling them to take it elsewhere and lose my URL -- I only succeeded in getting myself called a whore and a stripper. I was given links to midol.com during a miscarriage. Comments were left in that individual's blog, after they decided they wanted a flame war and publicly begged for it (one I refused to play in), stating "karma for her is a mother fucker". That phrase referred to the loss of my two children, and hinted that somehow because I have banned commenters and deleted comments in the past, that the ends were justified by the means. Whatever.

Attack me all you want. I've been called worse than a whore and a tramp in my 30 years, I can assure you. I was a cheerleader in high school. I'm a natural blonde. Enough said. But you do not EVER go after my unborn children. Game over. My blog has been permanently changed.

Since the site owner and his little group can't be adult enough to move on once and for all (somehow I've warranted four entries since this all began) -- well, I am. This entry is gone. Links to that individual's site have been removed. Comments are closed on all of the entries I referred to in this original rant.

I am grieving regardless of what anyone may try to insinuate. And the thing that started it all was the fact I wanted an end to the bullshit I saw being slung around here again. And obviously I am not the only one who took that individual's comments the way I did. He was ripped a new asshole every time he tried to open his mouth here. The sentiment was nothing new. They may not see it that way at all. They may think their comments were completely justified and non-inflammatory. That's fine. But in my house, it's my rules. Public blog or not, I -- and I alone -- have the power of the delete key.

Unfortunately, that crowd decided to exercise a level of grace and control Anna Nicole Smith would be proud of and attempted to rip apart a woman at the weakest point of her life. I don't care if I had personally written FUCK YOU in red lipstick across the windshield of your brand new car and spit in your face, nothing -- and I do mean NOTHING I did -- warranted the response I got in return. Get pissed. Fine. Call me a bitch. Ok. I wear that title proudly. But leave my dead children OUT of it.

And speaking of karma, just remember folks...it's a two way street. Someone else is going to be waiting in the wings for the lowest points in your own lives. I just hope they have less self-restraint than I do when it finally happens. You deserve nothing less.

*I have them all saved in text file form, so if you think there's something sinister here and think you really need that file and everything in it to prove you have 'the whole story', then go here.
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Vacation...time to get away
In all the time I've been blogging, I've never really taken "a break". Right now I've got a million things swirling around on my plate, and...it's time. Don't worry! Things are fine here. Never been better. But there are a lot of people out there with better stuff to say, and more time to say it, this week. So let me catch my breath, and I'll be back in a few days.

Light's on. Beer's in the fridge. Make yourselves comfortable! And don't make me turn on the nanny-cam...
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Weekend reading assignment
When angrywhitegirl.com asks you to link something -- you do it!
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Left is right - right is wrong
That old male-earring adage pretty much describes my political leanings. That's all you really need to know. I voted for Clinton. Twice. I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I could. I'm a liberal. I oppose the war with Iraq until the second it begins because I don't believe in it, and that's my right as an American -- but I'll be our military and Commander in Chief's biggest supporter in the event it starts, because I believe that's my duty as an American. Nothing I tell you is going to change your views on the matter. I could discuss my opinions 'til I'm blue in the face and link every news article and editorial I could find -- but all it would result in is half of my readers saying "hell yeah!", and the other half quoting stats and figures in disagreement that I don't -- or won't -- necessarily believe in. So I just don't "go there".

It doesn't mean I have my head in the sand or that I'm neglecting the current events going on around me. I just don't have the time, or the patience, for the comment and cross-blog wars that would result. My husband does, and more power to him. I do admire and respect people who are on both sides of these often heated discussions. But if you'll please excuse me...I'm happy, for now, right over here on the observation deck.
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Play it safe
Just a quick reminder for those of you using Movable Type...

I know of two blogs that had their databases corrupted this week. It can, and just might happen to you. Be on the safe side. If you're sitting at home bored this weekend, take the time to make backups of each of your blog templates if you haven't already. (Thanks for the link, Donna!) I have a copy of every main index and archive template for my own blog saved in individual text files. Next, go to your "import/export" tab in the left menu and do an export of your blog. The directions are at the very bottom of the page. This will help you save a file of your blog entries, and all of its comments, through the time of export. Instead of losing a lot, you'll only lose a little. Regular exports are VERY important. If you have to install a new copy of MT from scratch after a database crash, you can run the export file you've just made through the import feature, and regain all of your past contents and comments immediately.

Hopefully you'll never have to deal with any of this but it's much easier to prevent than cure!
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This town needs an enema
I've run into quite a few people -- and blogs -- that could use one of these today. Their shit is so backed up, their eyeballs are floating. So feel free to take one down, pass it around. Call it the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving...

[take one down pass it around]

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You're about as easy as a nuclear war
I know you're watching me every minute of the day, yeah
I've seen the signs and the looks and the pictures
That give your game away, yeah
There's a dream that strings the road
A broken glass for us to hold
And I cut so far before I had to say

Please please tell me now
Is there something I should know?
Is there something I should say
That'll make you come my way?
Do you feel the same, 'cause you don't let it show....

I've received a small handful of e-mails in the past few weeks to the tune of a Peter Parker lecture, "With great power comes great responsibility." This is my gift, my curse. I don't remember receiving a memo when I started blogging stating that it was my duty to protect those reading along with me. The one and only person I feel I have to protect at all costs when I write is the man I live with and love every day of my life-- my husband. I don't have a standard of 'responsible journalism' to measure up to. I am not your reliable media outlet.

Is there really a certain point when your counter peaks, that suddenly you have to blog in order to keep all of your readers "safe", rather than keeping yourself sane? Why was I allowed to blog entries as my true self in order to put me here -- even if I didn't ask to be there -- yet now that I am "here" (for what it's worth), suddenly I have to change my core-self for other's protection?

Doesn't that smack of "you've gotta protect the children" and assume my readers don't have a mind of their own in order to agree -- or disagree as it were -- with me? Who appointed you as my keeper and mentor anyway?

And why is it not ok for me to call someone out after they've devoted an entire blog entry about being disappointed in my current writing -- but it is ok for you to send me an 1,165-word e-mail (yes, I counted them in Word) doing the very same thing to me? Is that little note ok because you didn't have the balls to put it up in a public place, and sent it on in private instead? "It's just petty and small to invite response, and then go ballistic and shrewish when that response isn't exactly what you want to hear." That works both ways you know. Did you ever think of applying it to this individual when they made their blog entry about me to begin with? Didn't think so. No, it was easier to attack me instead. Everyone else has been. Why should you be left out on all the fun?

Just as I don't hold celebrities to any "role model" standard simply because they are a celebrity, I don't think it's fair for anyone to hold me to a higher blogging standard simply because I have a few links floating around out there. At the core of it all, we are all human. And humans can -- and will -- make mistakes. And if I'm stupid enough to make my mistakes in front of 1,500 people each day, more power to me. I haven't tried to hide from them yet.

I registered this domain for a reason. I have been a ranter, antagonist and tantrum-thrower all my life. I was the screaming kid with their arms and legs wrapped around the gumball machine in the bank because my Popeye didn't have a dime on him. I was the cheerleader in junior high that egged on the opposing team for wearing baby blue and missing every tackle they tried. I was the editorialist in high school daring you to think about my opinion. And I was the political science and history student in college questioning the present and future, while over-analyzing the past.

I'm me. I'm where I am right now because of it. To think I should somehow "change" or suddenly be "more responsible" after all this time is ludicrous to me. People know I'm devoted to those I love and my friends above everything else -- but they also know that life isn't all sunshine and roses, not everyone out there likes me, and I don't try to paint it that way. So let's take a poll...

Do you feel bloggers have a responsibility to protect those reading along from themselves?

For the record, I will not change the way I've written for almost 18 months now simply because you don't like where my stats counter happens to be at the moment. So I suggest you go find a new read if you have a problem with it. Ya' got that? Good.
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I might be a winner
FRAGILÉ -- it must be Italian! It seems I've had a few 'major awards' bestowed upon me while my back was turned...

[I got the finger]
"Best use of boobs for a cause"
"Stalks no-name bloggers with 5 hits a day or less"

[I am nifty!]
"Robyn, for sifting all that is decent and good from FARK, your multiple designs, and the 2002 Boobie-Thon, I'd like to present you with the Thudfactor 'I'm Nifty' Award!"

[I feel loved]
"Blog That Isn't In My Blogroll"

Thanks everyone! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now -- kinda like when climbing the rope in gym class.
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My belongs to Solonor!
Sorry guys, but Solonor buys me jewelry, so he's my BLOGWHORE(2). Yes, I can be bought.
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Hey! Wait. I've got a new complaint.
I debated and debated all afternoon about whether or not to even blog this. The whole deal has just snowballed into an ugly, sometimes factless free-for-all lead by someone who originally set the burner on high, then yanked the skillet off the burner when the heat got too much to take (removing their original post), only to come back a few days later when everything was beginning to die-down on its own and toss grease on the stovetop once again. Whoa. Lookee there. You've got flames. Some people live for the firestorms I guess.

Because of the personal attacks on my friend, I will not give this blogger further credibility by linking to her site again. I'll only link to Michele's bite-back.

Do you let it go? Do you move on? Well I for one can tell you that I'm one of the people who have complained about good, deserving sites getting overlooked amidst all this Bloggies mess. Sites that would -- and should -- have been there regardless. But after an e-mail from Nikolai last night, and the additional things I've learned today -- added to the things I've learned all week -- I'm here to say that even though several of my friends deserve to be there where they are, this years awards are a farce and a sham. And I, for one, don't want my friends mired down there in that mess. They, and their blogs, deserve more than that.

If it were as simple as yanking back the prizes I have already donated, I would at this point. Wouldn't make much of a statement, but I don't want to be tied to this year's awards ceremony in any shape or form as they currently stand. And I've told Nikolai as such. How do you now play god and say "this site deserved to be there on its merits but this one did not"? You can't. If one loses in that final nominees list, everyone loses. It's the nature of the pot being spoiled.

Beyond the previously-mentioned-everywhere Texas voting blocks* (which by the way made up 17% of the total panel because even though the contest website states that there would be 50 judges this year, not everyone replied to Nikolai's invite and rather than extending additional invites until he reached 50 total, Nikolai decided to go merely with the 23 judges that did write him back) -- we now have real evidence cited in several blogs of impropriety of one judge going far beyond "let's make sure our friends get there" -- the thing that initially had us all so shocked. I should mention that this judge is also nominated in "best kept secret" and "best new weblog" himself. Hard to believe, isn't it? A firsthand account at the site that shall not be linked here again states:

"he first told me it was only him and the dallas judges. he then said he had a friend in california that was 'helping' him to understand some categories. he then mentioned calling canada and he's mentioned calling houston too. you figure it out."
If you look at the nominees, it doesn't take a PhD to figure it out folks. This person not only decided which blogs they thought were "too popular" (and therefore would be in direct competition with their personal favorites, and as such said popular sites were eliminated out of the starting gate) -- they admitted two categories ("best kept secret" and "best new weblog") were almost entirely hand-picked (with their name in the final list, of course). This individual was even able to lobby Nikolai himself to get several of his selections included in the final nominees list outside of those two categories that individual is now a part of -- one key one being the GLBT category. How on earth Nikolai can continue on as if nothing has occurred now is completely beyond me.

*In case you haven't seen mention of the Texas voting-block scandal, a handful (at least five) judges from the DFW Blogging group made it into the 23 total judges. Several of these individuals found their names in the finalists list as well -- and had a public list (entire blog/list since removed from the web) of voting guidelines to go by. The owner of the now-deleted site was a finalist in two categories this year herself.

Yes, these are silly awards. Yes, they are run by a "teenage kid". (Although I find that a somewhat flimsy label, because at 19, I was very much on my way to being the "adult" I am today.) But these awards were also enough of a boost to my own site when I was nominated last year, that I was discovered by an entirely new audience. I want that -- with a feeling of legitimacy -- attached to my friends (who were deservedly nominated) this year. I don't want their nominations tainted -- and I'm sorry, but they are. Even though Wil was a fiasco of epic proportions last year, I felt like I was beaten by a celebrity. Not a system. And I didn't feel like my friends were left off the finalists list last year because they could -- and would -- have been in direct competition with so-and-so's friends down in Texas, and their Blogroll faves.

Last night Nikolai asked me point-blank if I had any suggestions on how to change things next year. (Please note, next year. I fully believe he intends to hold this sham of a ceremony at SxSW with no one officially questioning just exactly what has come to light in the last week.) I pointed out some of the suggestions here to him. In addition, I also suggest the following:

  1. The panel of judges be set up in advance of the nominations. Not after the fact. They would be publicly named and linked.
  2. Judges would be appointed by category. It would not be a "one judge voting on it all" kind of deal. The judges have already stated they don't have enough time to read the massive nominees lists anyway. And this way you would have tech-minded judges analyzing tech-oriented blogs, etc. If one category went down in flames over a judging scandal, you wouldn't have every single nomination and finalist in the competition questioned beyond that one particular category, because the judges would be entirely different people for each one.
  3. No judge could be appointed to more than three categories. Period.
  4. Judges and voters would both have to register beforehand. It wouldn't prevent multiple-identities from beating the system, but at least it's one more hoop they'd have to jump through first.
  5. I think judges should automatically be excluded from the category they judge in. I would never allow a Dress Contest judge in the contestant pool.
Those are just a few off the top of my head. I'm sure several of you out there have even more, and better, suggestions. If so, list 'em here and I'll make sure Nikolai sees them. Although I don't blame him for the actions of others, I certainly think an official response is warranted -- and the fact all of these improprieties have occurred needs to be publicly acknowledged by the Bloggies themselves. They have yet to be, and as mentioned, I seriously doubt they will be now.

I, for one, think there is a place for an awards ceremony of this nature. If you don't...if you think they're all BS popularity contests...well that's certainly your right. I happen to think a little peer-to-peer recognition for months worth of hard work isn't such a bad thing in the scheme of things. I know that rush of being a finalist, and I want everyone who works hard at what they do to have that chance at least once.

I just think on their current course, people have picked the wrong awards to latch onto this year. For me, Anti-Bloggies it is! At least those are purposely designed not to be fair...

UPDATE: Although I quoted someone who has obviously been making false statements about my friend throughout this whole mess, the quote by them that I included in this entry is based upon material found at several other sites -- and I feel their statements I included here are very much with merit. East West is a good source for more on all this hoopla.
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Bring. It. On.
[Blogger Burp Contest] Ok, there isn't a better stage or setting for this folks -- it's finally Super Bowl Weekend. So you have 'til kick-off Sunday night to put your burp where your mouth is. I've seen a lot of smack-talkin', but I've yet to see any evidence...so get those sound files to me ASAP! I'll organize them in one place, and put up a poll.

It doesn't matter who you know, what your stats counter says, how old you are or where you live. Everyone's eligible. Although I can't offer an awards ceremony at SxSW, I can offer a day that will live in infamy. (I'm still not sure if that's a good thing, but we'll find out.) Thank heavens we don't have smell on the 'net yet... Who takes it? Who reigns supreme?
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Help, I need somebody - help, not just anybody
I haven't given out any Gnomey lovin' for awhile. That's mostly because the man is keeping me down. They move the show's time slot over at Tech TV more than I update my blog it seems, and right now the live show and reruns are falling smack-dab in the middle of my beauty sleep. (Which I think we all know I could use a little more of.) I really have to get TiVo. But until I do, callforhelpcentral.com keeps the withdrawl symptoms down to a few random shakes and involuntary twitchings. Make sure you check out Chris' Award Promise -- and then go do the right thing for him if you haven't already!
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Tonight at "The Pit", Everyone Gets Laid!
[Pizza Dreams] Ok, screw the awards. What are you really gonna do with a rubber chicken anyway? Instead, I'm offering something much more worthwhile to all of us -- a good old fashioned pizza party. No one gets excluded. Whether you blog once a day or once a month, you still get a slice of pizza. On Blogspot? Step right up. You get two. Heaven knows you've earned it.

It's Super Bowl week. Let's get back to the important things. Like football. Porno. And books about war. Beer's in the fridge. Blogaritas are in the blender.

The only contest we need to hold is who can belch the loudest. I have a sneakin' suspicion she's gonna win that, but bring. it. on.
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I'd like to buy the world a Coke, and keep it company
Is it right or wrong
Try to find a place
We can all belong
Be as one

Try to get on by
If we unify
We should really try
All this time

Spinning round and round
Made the same mistakes
That we've always found
Surely now

We could move along
Make a better world
No it can't be wrong

Let's come together
Right now
Oh yeah
In sweet harmony (x4)

Time is running out
Let there be no doubt
We should sort things out
If we care

Like we say we do
Not just empty words
For a week or two

Make the world
Your priority
Try to live your life

Play a part
In a greater scheme
Try to live the dream
On a wider scene

Let's come together
Right now
Oh yeah
In sweet harmony ('til fade)
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The official candy of Tampa Tantrum
I am so freaking addicted to these things now, it's not even funny. I thought this might be a good evening to share with the class... Who wants some?
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Little hellions, kids feeling rebellious
I can't understand human curiosity

Was it good for you?
Was I what you wanted me to be?


Listen, people call me rude
I wish we were all nude
I wish there was no black and white
I wish there were no rules

Oh what a tangled (world wide) web we weave. Did they? Didn't they? Well here's a little more from the trenches. You can make your own calls:

"the main problem? it's rigged. the numbers are grossly skewed. i like nikolai as a person and i know that his intentions are good, but there is just no objective, scientific way for ballots to be cast. this is not even nikolai's fault. he's a nice enough person to trust other people to be nice too. unfortunately, they just aren't...

...i also know that the email padding and nomination committee conspiracy is absolutely true.

for those of you with great weblogs and awesome designs that thought you might be nominated, you didn't have a chance. you really didn't, so don't take it personally...

...i think we need to clarify that nikolai asked people to help him and only a handful responded. of that handful, 75% are of a group that agreed together in advance on how they would vote, actual ballots be damned. they were proud of it, bragged about it and had a good laugh at the fact that they figured out how to beat the system. a system designed by a teenager who was just trying to have some fun. it is misleading to say you only voted once when that vote carried so much weight."
It's a shame so many good, deserving sites are being caught in the crossfire right now. Because quite honestly, even though I donated prizes this year, I don't even know if I want my name attached to any of it now -- this year or last year as a nominee -- without a lot of official explanation. But I don't need to add any more on the matter myself (too many others out there are saying it better anyway, look around) -- other than if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, well it's probably also quacking "AFLAC" under the covers.

UPDATE: Didn't think any of this was real or legit? Well Michele felt everything flying around today had enough merit and weight that she's withdrawing her nominations. Something to think about... I admire your courage, convictions and strength in speaking out, Michele!
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Like JiFK
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Drumroll please...
Well Stacy just pointed out that The 2003 Bloggies nominations are up -- which means there are several BIG rounds of congrats to pass along!

  1. Blogs & Pets (Christine M., best weblog webring)
  2. Blogrolling (best update monitor and application for weblogs)
  3. Movable Type (best application for weblogs)
  4. Acerbia (best European)
  5. a small victory (best American, best political, and weblog of the year)
  6. A Life Uncommon (best American)
  7. Big Pink Cookie (best American)
  8. Electric Bugaloo (best tagline)
  9. Picture Yourself (best non weblog content)
  10. Scripty Goddess (best programming, best web development, and best community)
  11. C:\PIRILLO.EXE (best technology)
  12. Time for Your Meds (most humorous)
  13. Neurotic Fishbowl (best design and best new)
  14. SnazzyKat (best design)
  15. Blog Anon (best kept secret)
  16. On My Mind (best kept secret)
  17. My So-Called Life (best new)
It's great to see so many new, fresh (non-Wil) blogs up there this year! I couldn't agree more with the choices. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and vote, and support your favorites now!
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Say, say, say what you want
Well that didn't take long! Bill has the 1000th comment in 2003 (click here for screen cap). Talk all you want...I'll make more! Well after we get back from dinner out, of course.
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Little darling, the smile returning to their faces
Ok -- no witty, entertaining or regular-fare posts out of me as I head off to bed and the rest of the world awakes. I've worked on three designs today and my bloody eyeballs are about to pop out of my skull. Oh did I mention that I still have that freakin' cold/flu, and was so sick Tuesday morning that Todd didn't leave me until noon? Must've slipped my mind... So instead of hearing me ramble while all phlegmy, there's plenty of new reading material here instead.

And if anyone wonders why I did something so dorky as a big ol' blogwide "baby, you're the greatest" day -- well this entry right here is exactly why. I don't even know Trinity or Monica, but look how happy one post and a few site updates made someone. That is today's "moment of zen" for all of us. Night everyone -- happy hump day!
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Hugs and kisses from the Mrs.

I the only guy that ever got me kicked out of anything!
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Can you feel the love tonight?
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We've gotta love thang
Wow -- it took me almost two hours to link all the pings and comments I found when I opened up my inbox this afternoon. Now that is a whole lotta love goin' on! My heartfelt thanks to everyone who's taken the time to participate in the Bloggin' Lovefest! Make sure you check out the full list of participants here -- you're guaranteed to find somebody new to read (and love)!
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Love to love you, baby!
Erica Lynn

It didn't take long for me to decide who I wanted to write about for my "Bloggin' Lovefest" entry. I'm going to choose Erica Lynn. She has a blog that can make you think, laugh and cry all in one sitting. It always feels like "home" there -- and not just because I used to live in Philly. Here are just a few of the many reasons why I adore her so:

  1. She knows the words to "Boomer Sooner".
  2. She brings out the dumb blonde in me, and gave a group of us the best belly-laugh we'd had all year over it. And, she got me not once -- but twice!
  3. She loves her team as much as I love mine. Even though I hate that team with the fiery depths of hell, I've gotta respect a fan like that. And when she says "Suckaneers" one too many times, and I say "step off bitch" in return, she listens. *wink* Because deep down I admire a girl who talks football -- not shopping -- when the game is on. Even when they look and act all girl the rest of the time (she's in the middle).
  4. I know Mikey has a big crush on her, and it doesn't make me jealous.
  5. When she quit blogging for awhile last fall, I missed her dearly. It was like Christmas morning when I found out she was updating her site again.
  6. She e-mails me from her phone.
  7. She asks how I'm feeling when she writes me.
  8. She's a damn-fine writer away from her blog as well.
  9. She loves anything vanilla, but not the ice cream, just like me.
  10. I worship her to pieces, even if she is a "crummy Eagles fan" -- just like all the former Long Island girls I know! And I know that should the Bucs lose this Sunday, sure she'll rub it in. But she'll also make me laugh afterwards and make up for it. Because she knows, and I know, we still owe Todd and Statia!

I love you, Erica Lynn. And I don't mean that in an Eddie Haskell kind of way.

So there you have it...that's my pick for today! And it's not even close to 1500 words, so don't let that number scare ya'. Write what you can...when you can... Who's yours?
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Shiny, happy people holding hands
[lovefest] Ok, I'm going to make a list of everyone that's told me they are particpating in the Bloggin' Lovefest, and put it right here on the main page for easy access. Since the other entry already has so many comments/pings about the concept itself -- this is the best entry to ping (or comment at) to let me know your "essay" is online. Here are the people that have participated so far:

  1. Simplicity and Chaos
  2. CC Chapman.com
  3. c.h.a.o.s.
  4. in nancy's book
  5. Ain't too proud to blog
  6. Altered Blog
  7. geekychick dot net
  8. Pixel Sphinx
  9. FarAway Thoughts
  10. A N A R C H T I C A
  11. Dayzed and Confuzed
  12. Hugin and Munin
  13. My So Called Life
  14. Recycled Thoughts
  15. go fish
  16. wilddesire.net
  17. jewdez
  18. Z o r bl o g
  19. Very Black
  20. Dandelion Wine
  21. Sometimes I...
  22. Somewhere in the Digital Forest
  23. Daisy's Petals
  24. In Angie's Book
  25. Polynomia
  26. Pizza Dreams
  27. Simply Sara
  28. BeaLog
  29. Night tide Nocturne
  30. manumission
  31. digital flotsam
  32. glittering.org
  33. Abracadabra...It's a Ruthie
  34. VegasRocks
  35. Painted-Turtle
  36. Life With Buccho
  37. Left of West
  38. Close Encounters of the Zanderkind
  39. Mindless Chatter
  40. delicatelittleflower.com
  41. Welcome to the pond
  42. Alive & Bloggin'
  43. Gnome-Girl
  44. Blogging in a New York Minute
  45. Daily Ramblings
  46. Digital Daydreaming
  47. Tom's Ramblings
  48. Mea and Back Again
  49. Human--> Doing!!
  50. deblog
  51. Rambling with Isha
  52. Aged and Confused
  53. chewbecca.com
  54. Just Rilana
  55. bedsidemanner
  56. the passionate ailurophile
  57. Bring on Reality
  58. The Den of Iniquity
  59. [ mumbles unintelligibly ]
  60. UnCutCrystal
  61. Da Goddess
  62. Michelle's Musings
  63. coffeemom.com
  64. Painfully Cool
  65. Billegible
  66. heidip's Xanga site
  67. electric bugaloo
  68. Pam's Place
  69. joy unspeakable
  70. Ginger Girl
  71. obsessive compulsive
  72. Zuly's Zu
  73. Thought Puddles
  74. trianide.com
  75. undisturbed.org
  76. Sassypants.net
  77. A Small Victory
  78. ariadnesthoughts.blogspot.com
  79. The Broken Lyre
  80. rivervision
  81. Toni
  82. bozzy's world
  83. Gratuitous Sax and Senseless Violins
  84. Red Grand AM!
  85. Mercurial
  86. Neurotic Fishbowl
  87. Digital Man's Outtakes
  88. Hey!
  89. pessimista.net
  90. Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate......
  91. A1E1
  92. kadyellebee
  93. RollerZoe
  94. Unix Gal
  95. Solonor's Ink Well
  96. Cranky's Corner
  97. Tripping on Teality
  98. Anywhere you hang yourself is home....
  99. Days Come and Days Go
  100. Journey to Confusion
  101. Ramblings of a Code Monkey
  102. Random Beatings
  103. ericalynn.com
  104. annessa.net
  105. TummyMonsters
  106. traces
  107. All About Me
  108. Deliberations of a Digital DBA
  109. Amethyst Angel
  110. eyesicle
  111. Cuppa Tea
  112. A Keanuholic
  113. and she said
  114. Paradigm Shifts
  115. ...scribblings...
  116. Crazy Bitch with Webcam
  117. digital-ed.net
  118. Big Pink Cookie
  119. coolwalkingsmoothtalking
  120. on my mind
  121. Random Ravings
  122. Rigdonia Blog
  123. 730
Thanks again to everyone who spread the word! If you participated on January 14th, then pinged me or left a comment, and don't see your name above -- just drop me a line and I'll get you added to the above list. I won't be updating the list as of January 15th and beyond (as I have to get back to work), so please just let us know you've participated late by leaving a ping or a comment. Thank you!
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Make blog, not war
[wings!] Last night I half-joked to Todd that it seems like the whole world wide web is on the rag right now. But I'm not so sure it's a "joke". Has anyone else noticed this? I'm don't know if it's a combo of post-holiday let-down, stress and money-woes -- impending war looming over our heads whether we really let ourselves start to think about it or not -- or what. But it seems like everywhere I read these days someone's hurting, angry, upset or a combo of all the above.

I'd only been blogging a few months this time last year, so my reads-list wasn't as long. I can't guess if this is a "time of year" thing that I'm just catching onto, or if there's something in the air right now. Am I alone in feeling this way?

Besides all of the overwhelming personal crap a lot of people have been slammed with -- and attacks right and left in people's comments -- one thing I've seen over and over is a lot of hostility towards The Bloggies, and those who have asked to be nominated for them. Last year was a real healthy dose of where my place is in this blogisphere next to Wheaton. I didn't even know what the Bloggies were when I found out I'd been nominated. That part meant something. But I haven't been able to take it seriously since. If I get nominated, great. Pizza party for everyone. If I don't, the mop-up crew is much more fun to watch in action anyway. Stop and ask yourself -- whether your feelings are pro or con regarding the annual event and the voting -- in the end, does it really MATTER? Will it change your life? Should it change theirs? Absolutely not.

I've noticed a lot of tear them down because they "have" traffic -- or tear them down because they "want" traffic -- rants as well. But in the scheme of things, who cares? I guess 'til the day this blog pays my bills (shaw-right), I'll consider all of this about as serious as my Princess™ status. Which by the way, for the record, I have yet to see an actual tiara for (dammit)...

yourule.gif So I propose this. Instead of a day of blame, pointing fingers, labeling, being labeled, silly acronyms, inclusion, exclusion, insults (open or veiled), bitching, general whining because you aren't "popular" (for lack of a better word), whining because they ARE popular or whining because you want to BE popular, ramalamadingdong -- how about we make tomorrow (Tuesday, January 14th) a Bloggin' Lovefest. Devote one post to a blogger you love (and you can't pick me) -- and tell everyone why in 1500 words or less. Let your readers know how that blog has changed either your day -- or blogging -- for the better. Even if that's just because it's damn silly and makes you smile. Then go tell that blogger you've written about them. After that, ping me or post it in the comments so everyone can see what you've had to say. Sort of like a blogwide Aortal day, if you will. You can even swipe the candy heart.

We may not hold hands and sing a rousing chorus of "Kum Ba Ya" at the end, but it will sure feel better than an endless string of the "top ten reasons how this blogger sucks and why". At least I think so. Just in case not, the fridge is stocked with chocolate chip cookie dough if anyone wants/needs to join me...

And now, I close with this. A cheesy song my youth group actually performed at the White House when I was in the eighth grade:

With words you can build mountains
in just a moment's time
that take years to tear down,
and even longer to climb.

Words that separate --
they condemn and criticize.
Even the best of things
are sometimes jeopardized...

Quiet, please.
Too much has already been said.

Just let it be --
and learn to listen instead.

For sometimes through the silence
big problems become small.

If you can't find something good to say --
say nothing at all.

And that's good advice I'll heed...well, at least until the next tantrum anyway. Carry on.

UPDATE: Zuly's Zu has a most-excellent addendum to the above. Also wanted to add that it's 1500 words or less -- meaning in this case, "or less" is quite fine. Don't worry -- you won't be graded!

UPDATE 2: The full list of everyone who participated on January 14th, 2003, is here.
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One big, happy family
You might remember that back in November I blogged about Dori and J.E.'s upcoming trip to China to adopt their new daughter Jaden. Heads-up that they're back home in the States with their new baby girl to start the new year. Congratulations to mom, dad and big brother!
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º-º Are you threatening me? º-º
It seems Michele has noticed she's blown by Chris for the number 2 spot in the Blogrolling Top 100. She claims she's not gunning for my number 1 spot, and that's a good thing. I happen to like it on top. However, goodness knows I'm always game for a good Jell-O fight. I believe we could all put our kids through college if we sold tickets for that quadruple billing. And if we had these two as the whipped cream grand finale wearing these, I'm thinking an encore camfest live from Jamaica would be quite possible!
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Be our guest
Spotted at flat.level.ground -- another great MT trick from the girlie matters. It's a FAQ on how to put together a guestbook for your site with Movable Type. Somedays I wonder if there's anything this software can't do...and anything the girlie matters can't figure out how to do with it?
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Jane, you ignorant slut

Ever have a blog, newsgroup, or message board thread that just won't die? Feel like busting on someone for the idiot they are? Well thanks to this URL from Dick, now you can say "fuck you and die" in style. Four glorious pages of witty comebacks and one-upper images. (WARNING: These images are considered politically incorrect. I accept no liability for any emotional damage or physical discomfort you might incur while viewing them.)

And a few new photos to mention, courtesy of a beautiful bouquet from Stacy and Dan. One is now my wallpaper (over in the sidebar).

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Here we are now, going to the east side
So tonight's the big "off da' hook" west coast bash. Even though I've asked him and her, I've yet to see a webcam feed. Weak. Totally weak. We were posting photos live as they happened and everything (click here for full list of past-shindigs and pics) -- in addition to two webcams going at once for the last gig. So now we take a poll. Everyone is allowed to vote up to three times, just in case they come up with enough "evidence" to tip your hat latah.

East coast vs. West coast
Who parties better?

East siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide, baby!
West coooooast, homies!

Current Results

East siiiiiiiiiiiide is in the hizzouse! Fly your colors. Pledge your allegiance. Word to your mother. And to your father... I think word to the whole family.

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got photoshop?
There.....all better now. Don't you agree? Friends don't let friends go to UT.

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Baby, remember my name
I got this in the mail today for Jana -- could there be a more appropriate shirt? For those of you who don't know / know of Jana, she's known me from back in the day. When I <audible gasp> wore acid wash jeans and everything. We lived across the hall from one another our freshman years at OU.

Speaking of going down memory lane, I found an old song last night that had been long-forgotten. I remember singing this sucker at the top of my lungs often in the fourth grade with Robyn Harlow. So now you can join me.

And in case you missed it in the comments yesterday (because I missed it, too, dammit) -- I was mentioned on yesterday's "Call For Help". That episode re-airs Monday at 9 a.m. EST if you want to check it out. You know you do. Yes, you dooooooo. (Thanks again, Chris!)

UPDATE: I have the audio from the CFH segment saved here.
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And you hip hop, and you don't stop
Can I just ask those of you with Blogsnob ads a quick favor? Put freakin'   s p a c e s   in the text. 45-character long ads, with no spaces and no real words (for the simple sake of making your ad longer horizontally than anyone else's) will throw off my sidebars and designs -- and it also pretty much guarantees that I will never, ever visit your sites. That is all.
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Come 'n' get it!

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The fastest blog in all of Meh-hi-co   *hic*
Just a quick update (if you missed it) that I've donated two prizes to this year's Bloggies awards in the category I was Crushered by Wesley in last year -- "best new weblog". Since I can't hand them out in person at the SxSW awards ceremony, Christine has offered to hand the following items out for me -- new copies of "How to Win Friends and Influence People", and for the not so weak of heart, "How to Win Friends, Kick Ass, and Influence People".

Now I just need to figure out if the fact I:
  1. live only a few hundred miles from Cuba
  2. adore Eduardo Najera
  3. really miss Speedy Gonzales
  4. frequent Ybor City
  5. love nachos and margaritas
is enough to qualify me for "best Latin American weblog" this year. Andalé, andalé!
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Roll out the red carpet
Spotted over at Bill's place...it's that time again! The 2003 Bloggies are taking nominations now. I'm thinking maybe I should shoot for "best Latin America blog" this time so I won't have to lose to Wil again? Heh. No seriously... Go. And nominate Movable Type for "best web application for weblogs" and Blogrolling for "best weblog directory or update monitor"!
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I'll be alone - dancing - you know it, baby
Dear Mr. Vernon,

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was that we did wrong. What we did WAS wrong. But we think you're crazy to make us write this essay telling you who we think we are. What do you care? You see us as you want to see us - in the simplest terms - and the most convenient definitions.

You see us as a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal. Correct? That's the way we saw each other at seven o'clock this morning. We were brainwashed...

...but what we found out is that each one of us is a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal.

Does that answer your question?

Sincerely yours,
The Breakfast Club
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The world has turned and left me here
I have a couple of site changes to note. Last year my categories were a mess, so I never bothered making a listing of them. This year, however, I'm vowing to do better from the start. So you can find the 2003 entries by category in the sidebar. It's a bit empty right now, but give me time. I've also switched the OU stats section from football to basketball. left 'til kickoff 2003. Ouch.

And a couple of sites have taken advantage of my "red tag sale" from last week -- Unix Gal and Neurotic Fishbowl. If anyone else decides to use the images, just give me a yell and I'll link you as well! (Christine just tipped me off that she's using a version of it, too! And now so is Susan.)

UPDATE: I also won an award for the site tonight -- completely unexpected. It's thefiveaward from thehayden.org -- the criteria are functionality, design, content, originality, & professionalism. So thanks to Hayden A. James!
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It was a dark and stormy night

rain rain go away

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to min'?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And days o' lang syne?

For auld syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne,
We'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne...

Harry: I love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a little crinkle in your nose when you're looking at me like I'm nuts. I love that after I spend day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

Sally: You see, that is just like you, Harry. You say things like that, and you make it impossible for me to hate you. And I hate you, Harry... I really hate you. I hate you...

Harry: What does this song mean? For my whole life I don't know what this song means. I mean, "Should old acquaintance be forgot". Does that mean we should forget old acquaintances, or does it mean if we happen to forget them we should remember them, which is not possible because we already forgot them?

Sally: Well, maybe it just means that we should remember that we forgot them or something. Anyway, it's about old friends...

Stacy and Dan arrive in a couple of hours for our New Year's festivities. Looks like it's going to be a wet and messy one in the not-so-sunshine state. Everyone be careful out there tonight. Give your keys to someone you can trust. Give a kiss at midnight to the one you love the most. And best wishes for a very Happy New Year ahead! (2002 entries are now here.)
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