Farewell from Waffle 😭 💔

Friends,With a heavy heart, we are announcing today that we will be closing our doors at Waffle on May 16, 2019. This is a sad day for us, and let us start by saying that it has been a pure joy working with all of you over the past five years. This community, made up of all of you, is what has kept us coming to work every day. We can’t thank you enough for all the memories, the laughs, and the adventures we have shared together.

To share some of our favorites:
  • In the summer of 2014 we accidentally deleted everyone’s “In Progress” column from their board. And not just the ones in english either…. After 2 feverish hours of scripting, MongoDB ninjary, and Google Translating, :tada: the columns were back and we decided we should not attempt to ship anything else that day.

  • GitHub Universes where we got to meet so many of you in person. At Universe 2015, our Waffle food truck left some people confused if we were a software startup or a catering business. In 2016, several hundred of you turned out to our pre-party the night before Universe for good food, good drinks, and good company. And by 2018, we were able to chat with so many familiar people as you stopped by our booth for your annual renewal of Waffle socks.

  • All the GIF wars in our support channel that would leave our entire team laughing around a monitor. Seriously, you all are amazing.

When we started Waffle, it was with the mission to change the way development teams track their work. It is humbling to look back on things like auto-work tracking, connecting pull requests to issues, build and review statuses, lightweight epics and dependencies, deployment tracking, and other features that you all pioneered with us. To be honest, we were far from being done.

Why we are shutting down

Alas, the rationale behind this decision is twofold. First, the direction of the market is leaving less and less space for tools like Waffle. Second, as some of you may know, Waffle was started as an accelerator project with Rally Software Development. Rally was then bought by CA Technologies which has now been bought by Broadcom. To put it simply, it aligns best with the overall strategy of Broadcom to stop supporting Waffle as a stand-alone product and focus on bringing the best of Waffle into the Rally product (formally Agile Central). The Waffle team will be joining with the Rally team to that end.

Timeline and migrating to GitHub Projects

Waffle will continue to be available until May 16th, 2019 at which point it will become completely unavailable. As of March 22, 2019, we are making all Waffle features completely free until closing. If you are currently on a paid plan, no action is required. We will be cancelling your subscription and deleting your credit card information so you will not be charged further. If you are on our annual GitHub Marketplace plan, you will receive a pro-rated refund.

As we have said, you all are our community and friends. As such, we want to take care of you as best we can through this process. We have worked closely with the wonderful team at GitHub to create a migration path out of Waffle and into GitHub Projects. This will take your Waffle board and create a GitHub Project with the same columns and cards as you have in Waffle. Please go to our Shutdown Guide for a list of required actions to ensure the smoothest transition possible for your team.

A fond farewell

From all of us at Waffle, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making these past five years a highlight of our lives. Though this is the end of a project, it is not the end of our adventures together. This world is not so very big after all. Keep hacking, keep this community strong, build something awesome, and we will see you in our next adventures!

All the best,❤️ The Waffle Team

Shutdown FAQs

For more information and your next steps, checkout our shutdown guide.

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