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More blending power than should be legally allowed
So what do you do when you have a sore throat, there's a good fight going on around you, and your husband is home for a long weekend? Well the answer would normally be, fire up the blender -- but someone managed to do something very bad to ours during the last OU party we threw. When I went to make drinks during the Emmy Awards Sunday night, the base started smoking. Not good.

But never fear -- Dillards had their KitchenAid appliances on sale for 25% off. I now own my first-ever-anything KitchenAid! (It's just like this one only we paid much less.) Oh dear lord am I in heaven! So here are a couple of strawberry daiquiris to share with everyone. (I even have bendy straws just for you, Mikey!)

And check out these cute little candles I got at Tarjht across the street. The scent is cabernet, and they come in cute little mini wine glasses -- with a wine glass charm around each stem! I couldn't resist... Especially since we're not blowing hideous amounts of money on Sooner football gear right now.
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Let me make it perfectly clear
A longtime friend of ours wrote, a little shocked, at the lengths I had gone to in this situation today. She wasn't defending her, but mentioned being surprised at how angry everyone got and how quickly they sprung into action on our behalf. So I just want to make sure ya'll understand...

If Miss-Thing had been a first-time offender, and/or a new blogger, and had no idea that thievery is wrong and not flattery, I would have made every effort to contact her privately, and get the situation worked out between the three of us, without opening the floodgates of hell on her ass. But she isn't a first-time offender. She has done it before. She will do it again. Go read the comments here. "Jani" actually made an appearance and claimed back on May 6th, "I never even knew there was some sort of etiquette on it all." She was told repeatedly what she had done was wrong -- and that it was, in fact, stealing. . She argued on her own behalf. And she did it again anyway. She knew what she was doing this time.

As such, I kicked it up a notch. Instead of just reporting her to AOL and Blogspot (which I also did) for TOS violations -- I took her Mensa bitch ass public. I sent a private plea to Evan. She deserves every single bit of treatment she got today, and then some. She isn't new at this. She's a pro. And you know what? I'm probably more than a little pissed off that even though she stole one of my designs today -- she didn't even take one of my best ones. If you're gonna steal something, steal something that's gooooood, yanno?

You may not "get it" now. But maybe just maybe you will when it happens to you. And believe me, she will do it again. Because she just. Doesn't. Care. So thank me later, ok?
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Wedding disasters
Today's Oprah is hysterical -- "Big, Fat Wedding Bloopers" (and disaster stories). If you have a chance to catch it today...don't miss it! It's still not as fun as this has been though.
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Take my work...please
[Note from Robyn: The links to this individual's blog and guestbook have been removed on 9/27 because I'm not giving her any more traffic/publicity. Negative attention to her is still attention, and I'm no longer playing. E-mail me from the sidebar if you want it.]

Well, well, well...it finally happened. I feel like I now belong to some l33t club or something. I give you...Exhibit A (my design over at Dick's)... Now I give you Exhibit B (a little Blogspot wanker who's apparently had a penchant for stealing other's designs in the past so they are quite aware of what they are doing, and that it is wrong).

Wanna go have some fun boys and girls? Please...be my guest. It's Thursday. I know you're all bored waiting for Friday to get here. (Thanks to Annessa, Statia and Mike for the tip.)

UPDATE: If you're getting a 404, don't forget to sign/view the bitchtwit's guestbook since she broke her comments! As Stacy has pointed out, this is also the same person that stole her blog CONTENT not too long ago.

UPDATE 2: Sweeeet...I just got this to load in the idiot's guestbook!
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A body like Arnold with a Denzel face
I always try to keep my friends happy, so Christine and Jennifer - a.k.a. this week's birthday girls - this one's for you (not necessarily work safe). Find more just like it here and here. All better now? (Link from the fine folks at FARK.com.)
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