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We ain't got no car foo'
Dr. Beach's new top ten is out. Two of the ten are in Tampa Bay -- Fort DeSoto Park (#2) and Caladesi Island (#5). Who wants to come visit?
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And...I'm spent!
I finally have all of our vacation photos online. <and the crowd goes wild> Go here for the final images from Hilton Head Island. (All images available in larger size upon request.)
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Movin' right along...
Finally got the "people" photos from the Hilton Head Island segment of our vacation up at Shutterblog. And in case you want to see more photos of the rooms at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort, you can find those here.

Now all I have left to add are three days of Hilton Head Island "places" photos. Whew!
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Spies like us
What a welcome back home we've had.....we're just getting back online again since my last post yesterday. Our DSL went out. Again. We're seriously about to switch back to a cable modem.

But since I was forced offline, I finished up my first Lomo roll of film (that I've been working on since my birthday) and had them developed today. Wanna peek at the first one I've scanned (shot down by the Savannah River)? About half of the roll were "misses", but for my first try with an auto-nothing camera, I don't think that's too shabby. Todd isn't a big fan of the Lomo-style now that he's seen the results, but I love it! If only I were as good as Dawn... I've got a lot to learn from her, that's for sure!

UPDATE: You can now see my first ten Lomo-photographs here.
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Frankly my dear...
I'm up waaaaay past my new bedtime, but I finally finished all of the Savannah photos. Five pages of 'em to be exact, with most put online for the very first time. Right now they're all at 640x480 for space's sake, but if you see one you just can't live without -- give me a yell. I have them all in up to 1600x1200 (by request). So go here for the "people photos" and here for the "places photos". Knock yourselves out.
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Say cheese!
I'm in the process of breaking down all of our vacation photos into people / animals and places. It's gonna take awhile... But here's the first batch that I've added to Shutterblog -- "the three of us in Savannah". If you're wondering why the long face on Todd in his last photo...it's 8:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning... That's why! *wink*
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Two paws up
Some of you saw the photo of Claire's "suite" on Hilton Head Island and asked about it, so here's more info. Pets aren't allowed on Disney property, so we boarded her just up the road at the Evergreen Pet Lodge. (Disney resort guests receive a 15% discount on their bill.) This way we could have her with us, visit her each day, and it actually ended up being about $3/day less to put her in a private suite than a caged run at our local vet's would have been.

For more information about pet-friendly hotels and boarding options, visit:

  1. Hilton Head Island pet-friendly accommodations
  2. "Pet Friendly Travel" across the USA
  3. "Pets Welcome" US Listings
  4. "Pets Allowed Hotels"
  5. Kimpton Group Hotels (most offer pet packages)
I can't imagine being gone long without Claire -- so this really was the best option for us. She travels very well and made our vacation all that much better.

UPDATE: Christine has a great list of links for pet-sitters as well.

UPDATE 2: Here's a list of dog-friendly beaches on the U.S. Eastern seaboard, and more dog-friendly beaches and parks in Florida. And here are even more pet-friendly hotels in the U.S.
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Back to life...back to reality...

[on Hilton Head Island]

We're both back to work tomorrow, and I have a 10:45 a.m. doctor's appointment. Whee!

UPDATE: I added a wallpaper from our trip to the sidebar -- pick it up in 1024x768 here.
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There's no place like home
This is one of the few vacations I've ever been on where a major national -- or global -- catastrophe didn't occur while I was gone. That is, unless you consider this -- or the fact the President's daughter may soon be gracing the pages of Hustler magazine. So much for that whole "bringing morality and decency back to the White House" campaign, huh? Oh well, college kids will be kids... Whaddya gonna do? I guess she could always go on the down-low and train to be a Southwest pilot 'til this all blows over.

The Day I Get Home

When this young man comes rolling home
The lamp posts move and in the road
I sing and dance in falling rain
It's good to be back home again

The roads of air that map the globe
Take me away to places new
I'm lucky I can get around
I'm taking off and touching down

When I get home its much the same
The tax returns return again
The news is on it isn't good
I see the trees but not the wood

The road stretches out as far as I can see
And I eat the lines ahead of me
It's experience
As the days unfold
But there's nothing quite like
The day I get home

When this young man comes rolling home
The cheese on toast is in the grill
Memories are filed away
I come and go, it's fun that way

The roads of air that map the globe
Go East and West and North and South
I like to look and see the sights
I stay up late and hit the heights

When I return things haven't changed
Neither have I, I like to think
The world's an oyster on a plate
I get around and get up late

The road stretches out as far as I can see
And I eat the lines ahead of me
It's experience
As the days unfold
But there's nothing quite like
The day I get home.....

Lyrics credit: Squeeze
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Fantastic voyage
Today we took advantage of a free "beach nature walk" tour offered by the Disney resort. It's honestly been one of the favorite parts of my vacation. We had a great guide, and it was only us and four other people (two parents and their two kids) so it was very interactive.

I can also honestly say it's the only time in any tour I've taken where the guide has uttered the phrase, "If I'm going to pay that much for drinks at a titty bar [in Tampa], it had better not be a cock tease." (The family with kids were long gone to their resort room by this point, for the record, so he was safe in saying it.) I'm still giggling about that one -- the "other" side of Disney. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun! Click here for photos. Tomorrow is another travel day by the way, so I'll see ya' when I see ya'!
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G'day, and welcome to day four
A day full of sun, sand and yummy-nummy banana daiquiris by the pool! Again, sorry for the small size, but they'll have to do for now while we're on dial-up...
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Oh, Carolina!
We've finally arrived at our main destination -- Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort. Thanks to an amazing FL resident special, we were able to reserve a 2-bedroom villa for several dollars a night cheaper than the published rates on the studios. Needless to say, it's absolutely amazing here -- but I don't expect anything less of Disney.

We're both exhausted, so we're taking the rest of today as a lazy day off. Todd's catching the tail-end of the NFL Draft, and I just put more photos online. We couldn't resist heading to the Savannah Historic District one last time early this morning. We took Claire for walks through the parks and shot more of the beautiful scenery. Again, they're all small 'til we get home since we're still on dialup -- but I have two new galleries with about 1/4 of the pics taken:

1. Savannah Historic District - 04.27.03
2. Hilton Head Island - 04.27.03

I'll try to actually write a few summaries later, but after "Mr. Irrelevant" is selected, it's nappy time! Hope everyone had a great weekend -- I've really enjoyed reading all your comments! -Robyn
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Southern living
We're just getting back in from a fun-filled day in the Savannah Historic District. We took a trolley tour with Old Town Trolley Tours, which was a great way to see the city. There were fourteen stops, and you could exit to walk around and rejoin with the next trolley any time you wanted. Due to being on dial-up, I'm only uploading 10 small shots right now. Enjoy!

Tomorrow we're back on the road again...so until then...don't do anything I wouldn't do. That should give you all lots of leeway. Thanks for the well-wishes and all the sweet notes left yesterday and today! -Robyn (P.S. Hover mouse over images for browser bar descriptions.)

UPDATE: We didn't spy any stars, but we did see them filming this movie by the river today.

UPDATE 2: You can now find these, and more, Savannah images full-size here.
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It's a long way down Holiday Road
[trip day 1]

Just an old, sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind... Greetings from Savannah! Miss me yet? We're enjoying our first vacation since '99. We got in too late to shoot much, but here are a few snaps from the road...

Happy weekend!
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